CBS All Access is making an animated news spoof

CBS All Access is turning to animated news to draw more customers to the service. The talk show host is executive producing Tooning Out the News, an animated series that will both riff on current events and interview real guests.
The show will have weekly episodes as you’d expect with most of these shows. Real guests will also be invited to the show in interview segments and will also be daily segments that look at some news topics from a few hours ago with a humorous light. According to the announcement video, the magic of “computers” will help get that done.
There are no details for casting or the premiere date at this stage, although The Late Show‘s Chris Licht will help Colbert executive produce. Some of the animation expertise comes from RJ Fried and Tim Luecke of Showtime’s Trump spoof Our Cartoon President.
This is unusual for All Access, which has focused largely on live-action comedies and dramas so far. It’s not shocking that CBS might consider this given the competition, though. Rival services like Netflix have their own shows covering hot topics, and CBS can take advantage of both Colbert’s talk show experience and its news faculties to offer rapid-fire programming that might be difficult for others to match.
“The minute the imaginators at Tooning out the News decked their bleeding-edge ideation bizmeth, I knew that the news jackers were ripe for our freemium growth hack pivot,” said Colbert in a, ahem, statement.
“This brilliant creative team is truly breaking new ground, marrying daily headline events with animation, to create their own unique spin on today’s news coverage, said CBS All Access’ head of development Julie McNamara. “Whether you come for your daily dose or the full-length episode at the end of the week, CBS All Access is the perfect destination for this innovative, comedic look at our culture of ‘breaking news’ overload, and we are thrilled to be in business with these phenomenal creative minds from within the ViacomCBS family.”
The show is planning targets CNN, MSNBC with its Virtue Signal segment, Morning Joe with its Inside The Hill segment, The Five with Hot Take “and more”
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Here is the announcement video