Apple's A14 Chip Rumored to Become First Arm-Based Mobile Processor to Exceed 3GHz

Apple is leading the ARM-based processor industry with its groundbreaking Bionic processors. They provide significant performance and power efficiency jumps year after year. The new A14 processor, the successor to the A13 chip fitted into last year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro may put in one in the history records if the rumors are true.
Rumors suggest that the A14 chip expected to debut this fall in Apple’s “iPhone 12” models will have a frequency greater than 3.1GHz.  The report highlights the suspected Geekbench 4 score of the A14 chip, with a frequency reaching 3.1GHz. This would be 400MHz higher than Apple’s current A13 Bionic chip with a frequency of 2.7GHz.
At such a frequency, the chip’s Geekbench 5 running points have surged. The report mentions that the A14’s single-core performance shows a score of 1658 (up 25% from the A13), and a multi-core score of 4612 points (up 33% from the A13). The extra processing power will be helpful in running simultaneous workflows, navigating through apps, and more.
Apple chipmaker TSMC is expected to ramp up production of Apple’s 5nm-based A14 chipsets in as early as April of this year.
In addition to the A14 chip, rumors recently have mentioned both Arm processors with Mac Pro level performance and a Mac with an Apple-designed Arm processor are in the works.