Economist Portia Antonia Alexis Signs Book Deal For Economic Education Series

Economist Portia Antonia Alexis has signed a two-book deal to write a young adult education book series for GCSE students in the United Kingdom. The series will offer ‘accessible, fun ways of learning the numerics of economic and mathematical education’ for 14-16-year-olds. The two titles are  ‘Economic Themes For Teens’ and ‘Mathematic Themes for Teens’ and are set to be published in the spring of 2022. The books will include ‘engaging quizzes, illustrations and will give students interactive ways to learn the GCSE Economics and Mathematics curriculum.
Portia is a celebrated economists and researcher at the London School of Economics. She is also a consumer goods business analyst who creatively uses social media to educate young adults in the principles of economics.
She is an advocate in using artificial intelligence and social media as tool in improving student learning. Her social media account has over 200,000 followers and offer some interesting perspectives on modern economic issues. Portia aims to improve how AI is utilized in the education process. Her books are a step forward in economic learning and will be useful to many students learning the curriculum in preparation for their GSCE exams. The books are highly anticipated to be a staple in learning the mathematics and economics curriculum across the United Kingdom.
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