Toronto's Most Instagramable Nightclub 'LIAR LIAR'

Although exploring the city of Toronto by day is fun with great museums, attractions and spas, it is the local nightlife and, specifically, the best clubs in Toronto that truly bring the city to life. From wild dance parties to frosty lounges made of ice and LGBTQ-friendly venues hosting spectacular drag performances, this cosmopolitan city is crawling with night clubs offering a playground of evening antics for you and your gang.
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There is a one-night club that offers a unique experience and different experience, Liar Liar is a deceptively simple space with concrete floors and graffiti-covered walls. On the first impression, the club gives off a cozy vibe but don’t let that misguide you because there’s a lot more waiting to be discovered. Offering Toronto’s favorite VIP tables and bottle service, along with an enviable selection of the top DJs from around the world, this stylish haunt has quickly become a favorite among the nightlife elite. The club owner, Josh Herman, and he thought of the idea of creating a unique and cozy atmosphere that only serves the most exclusive people in Toronto.

The edgy atmosphere is super cool, and it’s a night out at this place that will definitely leave you with good memories. Herman, a day trade is Music management. And he is labeled as one of the best music managers in Canada, Even Youtuber Magazine put him at #1 List of Best Canadian Music Managers. He represents some of the biggest names in Canadian Music. So it was only natural to open a nightclub that brings in some amazing DJs. The club is a favorite among influencers because its so instagramable with its urban graffiti walls. Be sure to check out this hot spot, next time you are in the city.