How to Choose Custom Packaging for Your Products – A Complete Guide

No one can deny this fact that every product requires some packaging box for it. Some years ago, people were not focusing on their packaging designs and they were also using pre-made packaging items that are readily available in the market for sale. Pre-made boxes mean that the packaging boxes that are available in standard dimensions and colors. You cannot customize or personalize this box.
Now, in the year 2020, people are very much conscious of their product packaging. For that purpose, we have decided to write a complete guide about how to choose product packaging boxes for your product. We all know that there are thousands of products available that require product packaging. We can’t cover them all in one guide. That’s why here we have to choose a famous retail product known as votives and candles. Please note that we don’t sell any kind of custom boxes. If you are looking to buy candle boxes than you can have a look at custom candle boxes by So, without any further discussion lets jump onto the main part of our topic which is how to select product boxes for your candles.
How to Select Personalized Candle Boxes for Your Product:
First of all, you need to measure the exact dimensions of your product for a perfect packaging box. Usually, these dimensions are in terms of height x weight and depth. After finalizing your product’s dimensions, you have to think that whether you want to go with a normal or luxury stock. If you are having some difficulty in finalizing the tock then just have a look at your product. If it’s a product with a normal price than normal stock is fine for you. While if your product is luxury or expensive than you can go with luxury stock as well. Custom packaging design is recommended to fit your customized needs.
For the normal product, you can go with cardboard or Kraft stocks as they are perfect for the packaging of normal retail boxes. Kraft stock is light yellowish in color by default that goes best with the option of 1 color printing. It’s also known as one of the most eco-friendly stock you can ever see in the market.
While if your artwork is complex and you need some add-one like lamination then you should choose cardboard boxes. In short, both options are fine.
Let’s talk about luxury box options. In the luxury stock, the most famous stock that is loved by the people of the USA is known as rigid stock. This stock is tough, rigid, and non-bendable. Although it’s expensive as compared to the other options, you can use it for the packaging of luxury candles or votives. Alternatively, you can also use corrugated stock that is recommended for the purpose of shipping. Corrugated stock is economical as compared to rigid stock but it’s expensive as compared to cardboard and Kraft card stock.
So, we have tried to explain everything related to candles or votives packaging. I am sure that after reading this guide you will sufficient knowledge about the packaging of candle boxes. This guide will also help you in choosing the right box for your needs.