All You Need to About Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt Application

The polyester spiral mesh belt is a fabric that consists of a seamless screen and spiraled structure. Because of its properties, it is mostly used for mechanical loads. The spiral mesh belt has a unique linked weave that makes it flexible, durable, and long-lasting. Not only this, but the polyester spiral mesh belt is easy to install, maintain, and clean.
Are you wondering about the applications of polyester spiral mesh belt? This post talks about the usage and applications of polyester spiral mesh belt.

What Makes Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt So Special?

The polyester spiral mesh belt has plenty of benefits. It has great strength and good air permeability. This mesh belt remains stable under high pressure and tension. Another great feature of this mesh belt is that moisture and heat resistant.
Also, it is less elongated at heat and has low thermal shrinking.Bonfilt The belt has high resistance against abrasion. This seamless belt can be made and repaired on-site without any trouble. It offers extreme durability, smoothness along with good dirt release.
Moreover, the polyester spiral mesh belt has no adhesion and sealed edges for economical and lasting solutions. It also has outstanding chemical resistance.

Applications of Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt

Mostly, it is used for municipal projects like waster water treatment. This mesh belt can also be used for sludge belt press liquid filtration applications along with mechanical dewatering. Here are some of the applications of polyester spiral mesh belt.

  • Pressing of fruits like grapes
  • Vegetable and fruit cleaning
  • Dewatering of inert sludge from mines and quarries
  • Dewatering of chemical or biological sludge
  • For manufacturing of ceiling tiles
  • Manufacturing and processing of particleboard, oriented strand board, hardboard & wood veneer, and medium-density fiberboard.
  • Textile drying belt

Uses of Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt

Hot and Moisture Condition

Spiral mesh belt can also be utilized as conveying belt media for drying purposes. It is widely used in printing and textile industry. Besides this, it can be used for filtration and separation tasks in flour mills and water treatment plants.
Furthermore, it can be used as a conveying belt in power plants, petroleum refineries, steel mills, breweries, textiles, paper mills, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

Usage in Wet Conditions

One of the usages of a spiral mesh belt is a dewatering belt that is used in wet conditions. It is mostly used when cleaning is required. For instance, cleaning of dehydrating vegetables and fruits. This belt is commonly used in the food industry because it has a smooth surface. It offers a low retention capacity of particles and excellent cake release.

Dewatering Through Plate Filter Presses

The spiral mesh belt can also be used for dewatering by using plate filter presses. This belt increases the strength and provides a good retention capacity and cake release.

Sludge Dewatering Treatment

Polyester spiral mesh belt is perfect for dewatering treatment. This is because it has high air permeability, great mechanical strength, and acid resistance.
Therefore, the polyester spiral mesh belt is an ideal choice for dewatering treatment, pressing fruits and vegetables, manufacturing ceiling tiles, drying in the printing and textile industry, and much more.