Kundali Matching and modern-day society:

The old school idea of matching each other’s astrological chart or famously known as ‘Janam kundali’ doesn’t goes well with the modern thinking and society at times. People used resort to ways where they are validated and someone else tells them that they are perfect together. Keeping in mind the astrological elements, their position, their mood, and their alignment are said to be the sole reason of someone developing a particular but how is that possible?
Many questions arise in this updated, upgraded modern society about the ancient elements that have been persistent in our parents and grandparent’s  regarding the name, extra letters in their kids name so as to save them from a particular trait or to give them extra fortune or maybe they ask an individual too fast for days so that a particular god can be happy but in the midst of all these superstitions our elders often forget the basic rule of bringing two individuals together and that  is love. 
Recent Findings about ‘kundali Matching’
there are many loop holes when it comes to finding the perfect ‘kundali’ where in all the gunas match. Or at least a specific scale of 18 and above. But how does it matter if you really don’t feel the connect? Eminent people who are into astrology talk about the pros and cons of Kundali matching and they often start with the aspect of the question, “why does one need a chart to validate yourself and the love for the better half?” even though there is a choice but it’s never necessary to build a relationship on something that is too fragile in itself. The weighing scale most of the times weighs towards practicality than old school notions and remedies of reading astrology.

It’s fun to know:
When people get to know what’s written in their Janam kundali they often feel that, the things mentioned there are going to happen definitely. One starts to imbibe things accordingly keeping them filled with anxiety to know more.
It’s a blessing when it matches:
Indian marriages are built on the foundation of a matched ‘Janam kundali’. The superstition that has crept in because of the long prevailing tradition is guarded by people who think matches are made in heaven. There is not much to really read about the advantages of having a ‘janam Kundali’ matched but there are few empty spaces that are questioned about their logic.

‘Janam Kundali’ can be false:
You may never be able to distinguish between a valid kundali or an invalid one. The person who made it in the first place should at least be aware and sound while making it. Knowledge is power and when things validate a particular person, it boosts their morale and also sometimes brings them to dust.

A score evaluated below 18:
according to the norms that have been created, society says when the characteristics don’t match, they aren’t compatible and the two individuals who are meant to be together are taken aback. The pair doesn’t always have a say in all this because it’s meant to be auspicious but it turns out to be even more shallow and illogical.
You have a dosh in your destiny:
The biggest problem to deal with is when you are diagnosed with a dosh in you kundali and are forced to take up herbal and astrological remedies like marrying a tree or fasting for a week or doing rigorous puja so as to remove that dosh you got which isn’t even your fault. All because a planet who aligned with a wrong house and unknowingly creating a havoc.

Kundli matching won’t be sufficient if the two aren’t compatible and understanding in nature in the first place. Even though all your 36 gunas may match but it’s not a guarantee or a note written on a stamp paper ensuring lifelong happiness and prosperity. These are some logical fronts that the youth of the modern society has put up.