An overview of campus hiring

The main objective of a company is to bring home the best talent and this is achievable by campus hiring. A major chunk of the organizations retains in top talent from the premier institutes of the country. To influx, diversity is not an afterthought for the companies but it is undertaken in a planned way. With the change of times achievement of these goals is a major dream. The question is not the pipeline but the lack of diversity when it comes to the recruitment process. Time is evolving at a rampant pace and you need to impress the candidates in a fast manner. In a way, you cannot take a step back and relax.

Ways by which campus recruitment takes place

Companies might be following each and every trade in the book, but they are not aware of how to go about the process. Once you follow a structured process there is a sense of discipline that paves way for noteworthy results.

Gathering of information

The ball gets rolling even before the candidate applies for a job or you are entering into the field in order to search for them. It begins by putting forth the right set of expectations. Till the point, you are not sure what you are searching you might not locate it. The process starts off by showcasing the job roles for which you need to hire.

  • Specify the needs of staffing by outlining the key leadership roles that the company has to fill
  • Formulae list of core competencies. No one is in a better position to judge the qualities of a candidate apart from you. You have to spell out the qualities that you need in an ideal candidate. Be aware of the definition and skills that fit into the roles and responsibilities of an employee for that particular role.
  • Clearly understand the number of hires- have an idea about the different verticals and the people you might have to hire for each vertical.

The moment you have sufficient experience to be aware of the needs of your organization check out the competition. There is more than a data that is set whereby there are compact objectives in place for checking your campus recruitment strategy. There has to be an arrangement of objectives where things tend to be on track.

Take stock of the description of a job

As part of the campus recruitment program job description has an important role to play. In a way it sets the stepping stone for the foundation in recruitment, training, planning along with performance management.

  • No point in trying to be a manager who simply writes a job description. Some may even write on the JD and never take a step back.
  • The description should not replicate a long set of demands. Consider it more of an opportunity to be interacting with prospects that conveys a great impression
  • Make it a point that the job description clearly outlines the roles along with responsibilities and the salary package deserves a special mention

It is better to shortlist the best of campus

An organization is in a position to pick and choose talent if they are aware it yields quality talent. This is possible if you are able to formulate a scorecard of the campus and if possible it is better if you are able to compile it into one. In some cases, a recruitment manager goes on to study the market by themselves and have a clear cut idea about the various roles and responsibilities.

Have a clear understanding of the time when you need to visit

Take into considerations various schedules. Now you have to have a clear understanding of whether you might be targeting the candidates in the peak hiring season. At this point in time, the competition is on the higher side as all the companies are making the way to hire the best candidate.
Once the semester starts the placement season starts. If you wish to make a move the competition is on the higher side. It is better if you are able to avoid the campus during the exam times or children try to intervene in other places. Even it is better if you stop yourself approaching candidates during the vacation time.
If the home is proper you can reap in all the rewards. To gather information, where you are able to incorporate the right GD and when you make your own scorecard enables a candidate to meet up to all expectations.

The process of campus hiring

Before starting off the process of campus hiring try to nurture the campus relationships. There is no point in assuming that you will be availing the best of the candidate. Between the company and the campus, there is a contract. Take into consideration that there needs to be a pre-placement talk before campus hiring. At this point in time, you will be getting in touch with the prospects for the first time. Try to be innovative and adopt a creative approach

  • Be ready for the talk as this is the place where you are going to be aware of your candidates in a better way. Here you might have to introduce them to the rules and regulations of the company.
  • The session has to be an interactive one and do not rate it to be a form of presentation. You should not be speaking merely and no one is interested in the same.
  • It is better if you encourage a two-way communication where both the parties talk. If there is any question on their behalf take a pause and try to answer that question.
  • Do consider this as a time of your life as the stage is all for yourself. Here you need to be selling yourself in an engaging and positive way.

By now the list of candidates would be in front of you. Then you have to filter and choose the best way that suits your bill and select them.