Difficulty Breathing Through Your Fabric Mask?

The CDC “recognizes that there are specific instances when wearing a cloth face covering may not be possible. In these instances, adaptations and alternatives should be considered whenever possible…” – Excerpt from CDC website, July 2020
ViruShield, a company that manufactures face masks, may have just solved all of our facial woes. The ViruShieldGhost is a medical grade clear mouth & nose covering that offers comfort, breath-ability and safety.
We put it to the test, and we all agreed – it’s impossible to go back to wearing a regular mask

The Ghost Shield has Top Quality

ViruShield GHOST™ is made of lightweight industrial grade materials with a medical grade adhesive. One size fits most.

Ideal for Lip Readers

The invisible design of the ViruShield GHOST™ dramatically improves facial communication and personal recognition compared to traditional face coverings.

Great for Everyday Wear

Great for daily use where non-regulated face coverings are required. When done, reuse or recycle this disposable face shield.

Suitable for Everyday Life

 Generic face coverings block facial expressions and make it harder to communicate. The invisible design of the ViruShield GHOST™ allows you to make personal connections where face coverings are required.

Work Comfortably

Quality customer service relies on friendly and welcoming workers. Keep others safe with a smile on your face with ViruShield GHOST™.
Lab Particulate

Here’s how the ViruShield GHOST™

performed with leakage compared to other generic face coverings.
Beneficial In Restaurants
Use your ViruShield GHOST™ anywhere you go. Perfect for dining with friends and family. The invisible design is ideal for lip-reading and improved facial communication.
ViruShield GHOST™


  • Transparent for Better Communication
  • Ideal for Lip Readers
  • Better Facial Recognition
  • Protective
  • Convenience
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fork Food & Straw Friendly
  • Lightweight, Reusable, & Recyclable
  • Compact & Easy to Use
  • Features
  • Transparent Material
  • Durable Design
  • Strapless