Seating in the garden on the balcony, is a recreation place.

How to Give Your Balcony a Special Vibe?

Do you want to change the way your balcony looks like now? Do you want to have an impressive outdoor seating that makes evenings more enjoyable and happy? If your answer is affirmative, then you have reached the right page. We have some really amazing ideas for you. In modern times, it is challenging to have a spacious home. If your home is spacious, then it is tough to afford spacious outdoor seating or lawn. But, everybody loves to have an outdoor sitting at his or her place to enjoy a peaceful evening with loved ones.
The following post has been crafted to offer amazing ideas for balcony makeovers. So, read it carefully and opt for the ones that appeal to you the most. Installing small and unique planters is one of the best and the easiest ways to give a facelift to your balcony. You can find loads of plants on websites such as FernsAndPetals etc. To make your balcony’s makeover fit into your budget, don’t forget to use Ferns and Petals offers.

  • String Lighting:

Hang some string lights on your balcony will give it a warm and welcoming feel. String lights instantly uplift the mood and give off a friendly vibe. You can hang them in straight lines for a rectangular balcony. If you have some plantation, you can hang the lights over them. You must take care to plug them off while watering the plants. You can also opt for the frames that are specially made to hang the string lights. They are available in different patterns as well. You can also make a light frame at home if you want and if you have enough time. To reduce the expenses, you can choose the low voltage lights. Hanging out with friends and family while enjoying some delicious foods, becomes fantastic with string lights all around you.

  • Lanterns for a cosy balcony corner:

If you have a small balcony seating, the best way to make the area peppy and bright is to install some lanterns. You can find many different types of designer lanterns online. From quirky to regular and golden to fluorescent – you can find many amazing options to choose from. The lanterns add a cosy vibe to the overall ambience. To make your seating even better, install a round coffee table with a low height. You can sit and enjoy reading some novel in good weather while enjoying a cup of coffee.
You must invest in some good quality portable lanterns that you can keep inside in case of rains.

  • Healthy greens that you can rear and nurture easily.

You can solve two purposes by doing one task if you grow your own greens. The greens such as spinach, mint, coriander, tulsi, spinach, and lettuce, etc. are extremely easy to rear. They can be planted in small pots and planters. They don’t need too much water for growth and are highly useful in Indian homes as well. You can grow them in different rectangular-shaped pots and planters, and make your balconies look awesome.

  • Flowery avenue where you are always welcome

If you are a flower-lover then, there is nothing better than having a balcony loaded with an artistic arrangement of flowers. You can create a tiny rose garden with artificial grass matting and make your home naturally fragrant. You can also opt for some exotic flowers and plants as per your preferences. Orchids, English Gardenia, Chinese Rose, and Tulips are some of the exotic flowers that you can easily find online. Many of the flowers can be planted by grafting them on some other shoots. You can find many beautiful flowers online on websites such as FnP and buy them using FNP coupons to enjoy savings on every order. For more information on grafting and shoot-based raising techniques, you can refer to the online plant propagation tutorials.

  • Installing fancy lights with fuss-free seating

Another way to glam-up your balcony is to install fancy lights and an easy-to-maintain seating such as wooden stools or moulded furniture or bean bags. LED furniture is also trending these days and is an excellent way to modify your balconies. They are available in different shapes and colours. You can opt for a style and colour that matches your house or contrasting colours. Pendant lights are a fantastic way to uplift the look of your balconies. Choose the lights from classical styles or contemporary styles. Ensure safety from rains to avoid shocks.
Or, you can also find some lights in the form of spheres and orbs and arrange them artistically in your balcony. You can find many tutorials and design inspirations online. If you have enough space and provision for hanging them, it can produce even better results. You can also play with various shapes and artistically arrange them for unique impressions. Choosing different coloured lights can also be a good idea to give an entirely different vibe to your balcony.

  • Make your balcony an Oriental Tea Room

The oriental tea culture, especially the Chinese Tea culture is famous across the world. Low-height tables with floor-based sitting, lovely clay pots, and tiny little clay cups and lovely matting are some of the distinct elements of this culture. You can also install artificial grass on your balcony and make a cosy setting of tea table and cushions. Here, you can sip on freshly brewed herbal teas with your loved one and delve deep into never-ending conversations. Or, you can enjoy reading your favourite book, or sketching or enjoying your favourite music with no one to disturb you.
These are some of the easy ways to give your balcony a makeover. Which ones of these ideas appealed to you the most? Please share your opinions and ideas with us in the comments.