Indian Engineer in California Suing CISCO, Discriminated Against By Other Indians, Different Caste

An engineer in California has decided he had enough after being the victim of discrimination in the workplace.
Cisco Systems Inc CSCO.O was accused by Californian regulators of discrimination against an employee who is of Indian-American descent.
According to the regulators, the company allowed two of its managers to harass the victim, who is from a lower Indian caste.
While the Coronavirus is killing jobs and causing unemployment, cases with discrimination are very upsetting.
Cisco employs thousands of immigrants from India and the majority of them were born in high castes such as Brahmins. To a California employment attorney, this would be unacceptable behaviour.
The alleged victim was born to the lowest caste, also called the Dalit, or ‘the untouchables’. 
The United States employment law doesn’t bar caste-based discrimination specifically. However, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing argues that the caste system is based on religion, which is a protected class.
The case, fortunately, had no need for sexual harassment attorneys in California to get involved. The case seems to only be about discrimination, although this in itself is upsetting.

The Lawsuit

The alleged discrimination victim’s name has been kept private, but according to the court case, he worked for Cisco since October 2015.
As per the lawsuit, which was filed in a San Jose federal court, engineering managers at the company Ramana Kompella and Sundar Iyer are defendants in the case. 
They are accused of harassment for allegedly enforcing the caste hierarchy at Cisco, and no sexual harassment attorneys in California need to get involved at this time.

Cisco’s Reaction

The Californian company spokesperson Robyn Blum stated that Cisco will defend itself against the case. She also said the company followed its process to investigate employee concerns.
Blum added that Cisco is in full compliance with its own policies and is committed to being an inclusive workplace.
The defendants did not immediately react to requests for comment on the case.
The employee claims to have reported Iyer to the company’s Human Resources in 2016. This came after he was outed as a Dalit by Iyer, who allegedly retaliated to being reported.
However, Cisco determined at the time that caste discrimination wasn’t illegal. Furthermore, the defendant was allegedly reassigned and isolated.
According to the lawsuit, he was also rejected for a raise and opportunities that would increase the likelihood of raises. He added that he was denied promotions twice.

History of Religious Discrimination in the U.S

According to the civil rights group, Equality Labs, a 2018 report indicated that more than 65% of Dalits feel they are treated unfairly in American workplaces. This data was shared in the Cisco court case.
Employees who feel they have been discriminated against should not hesitate to take action.
There are many sexual harassment attorneys in California, as well as lawyers for cases of discrimination. They take these cases very seriously and will assist in making the working space a better place for disgruntled employees.