What are the job prospects After CSM Certification in Chennai

If you want to produce and deliver products of the highest value, you need teams that deliver products in short cycles, adapt rapidly to the change, improve continually, and enable fast feedback. Getting the CSM certification is not hard. However, in order to lead your team to success, you need focus and commitment. With the CSM certification, you will have the ability to do that.

What is a CSM?

For any agile development team to be successful, it needs a Scrum Master. As a CSM, you will be facilitating your team and increasing the chances of success. Note that a Scrum Master is not a manager or a leader. Instead, they are the Servant leader dedicated to helping the team so that they can work successfully within the framework. As a CSM, you will be responsible for helping the team in working together and protecting the team from internal and external distractions. This is to ensure that the team doesn’t get derailed from productivity. Apart from this, CSM also engages with other Scrum experts and expands your career opportunities.

What is the CSM course?

For the CSM certification, you need to complete the two-day long, in-person course from a Certified Scrum Trainer. Through the course, you will get an overview of the framework and prepare you for the role of a Scrum Master. You will also be learning about Agile, Scrum Roles, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum Events through exercises, case studies, and discussions. Once you have completed the course, you can take the Scrum Master certification exam. Along with the CSM certification, you will also get a two-year Scrum Alliance membership. You can use this for getting exclusive access to Scrum resources and valuable materials.

What is the CSM exam?

The CSM exam is a one-hour long test with 50 questions. To pass the exam, you need to answer 37 questions. Once you have completed the course, you have 90 days to take the test. However, it is recommended that you take the exam as fast as possible because the course material will be still fresh in your head. The Scrum Alliance will allow you to take the test for free for up to two times. If you are unable to pass the test in your second attempt, a small fee must be charged for every subsequent attempt. After you have taken the exam, you will see which questions were incorrectly answered. However, you will not be shown the answers. So, once you have completed the exam, you should research the missed questions before taking on the next attempt.

Job prospects after CSM Certification in Chennai

When you implement Scrum and Agile into your workflow, you can drastically transform the growth of the company. Also, you will have an increased success rate and enhanced efficiency. The best way for learning and implementing these frameworks is through the CSM certification course that will also add value to your resume. Whether you have just started working with Scrum or are familiar with the concepts of the methodology, you can use the CSM certification for your use.
CSM certification is the best course for you if you have always wanted to implement a tactful strategy for improving the productivity of the team and protecting them from internal or external interferences. They can also help the team become more efficient. That is what the job of a Scrum Master entails.
A certification might not seem important. However, when it comes to employment, pursuing a certified course can make a lot of difference. The certification will demonstrate the hiring managers that you have what it takes to be a successful Scrum Master and can become a part of the company. A Scrum Master must have experience in software development, business analysis, and testing. There are a few skills that every Scrum Master should possess like people skills, good communication skills, organizational skills, leadership qualities, constant support, negotiation, problem resolution, and encouragement towards the team. Depending on your skills, your development manager will appoint you as a Scrum master. Your main responsibility is ensuring harmony among the team members for the advancement of the organization and fruitful results. Here are the five job designations a Scrum Master can go for:

  • Entry-level Scrum Master – If you have an experience of less than a year, you have to work as an entry-level Scrum Master. You will start off with smaller responsibilities while following the Agile practices.


  • Scrum Master – If you have more than a year of working experience as an entry-level Scrum Master, you can start working as a Scrum Master. Now, you will be responsible for implementing the servant-leader operation style. You will be playing the roles of a coach, a facilitator, a motivator, and removing any obstacles that your team might face during the production process. Also now that you have added responsibilities and experience, you can easily expect a higher salary from your company. Lastly, you will also be able to continue your Scrum Master education for 2 days every year on the Scrum Scorecard.


  • Senior Scrum Master – When you get this position, you will have the qualities of the Scrum Master along with the added responsibility of handling teams and maintaining harmony among the team members. You will get an opportunity to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and experience on frameworks and practices.


  • Coach Scrum master – As a coach, you will be working full-time as a Scrum Master. You will get booked regularly for training sites, teams, and groups about the practices of Scrum. You will be the one responsible for informing the teams about the new updates in the Scrum Guide. You will also ensure that the latest technologies and techniques are implemented for faster results.


  • Product Manager/Owner – With all the experience and knowledge that you have had in handling teams and the pressure from the organization regarding the deadlines, you will now be ready for the position of a product manager/owner. It will be your responsibility to stay inside the loop and keep an eye on the orientation of the team towards the goal. You will also be making a dynamic plan for the team to ensure that they achieve success. While making these schedules, it is important that you keep the vision of the product in mind.

When you have a CSM certification, you will be entitled to rewarding careers in different industries. As you gain knowledge and experience, you will be able to obtain a higher designation in the Scrum Master career roles’ pyramid.