Do This to Reduce Your Internet Consumption-Related Stress By 90%

You’ve moved to a new place, ready to start a new life. Settling down, what will be the first thing that you would do pronto? We know — use your cellular data to explore some leading ISPs of the area, so that you don’t end up repeating the same mistake of exceeding your internet bandwidth consumption and hence your budget every month.
Internet has turned into a utility and survival without it is nonetheless out of the question. A lot of us have been through the dilemma that comes with getting an internet connection:

  • The bandwidth offered is too high, while the number of users are hardly enough to consume even 50% of it
  • The bandwidth is too low, the family is big and everyone struggles to load even a single page on the browser

Both of these situations depict how crucial it is to know what bandwidth is right for your household, before hasting it away and settling for a wrong one. If you’re planning to move or have already moved, but haven’t found the right ISP yet, then you’re about to get lucky. We’ll discuss why you should take your time before choosing your internet package and what happens when you don’t pay enough importance to the process. So, let’s jump right into it.

Why You Should Know your Speed Consumption?

You work hard for the money you earn. Spending it on useless things is the last thing anyone would ever want to experience. If you have a small family, with kids who barely know their way around the internet yet, then going for a connection with more than 100 Mbps of speed would be pointless. This way you only waste money on a service that nobody in the house uses.
The same 100 Mbps would be too less for a family with avid video streamers, gamers, and those who have to make work-related video calls every now and then. A situation like this is no less than trying to squeeze your feet in a shoe, designed to fit a baby. All in all, getting the right internet speeds is a blessing in disguise. If you were a Mediacom Internet service user, then your life would’ve been remarkably easy. Mediacom provides round-the-clock assistance to its customers who have a little knowledge about the speeds best for their consumption. To explore Mediacom internet options in your area, use your area’s ZIP code to find out available packages. Once you’re a Mediacom user there’s no way you’ll be under or overspending on your internet bills every month.

The Real Talk

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. To determine the ideal speed of internet for your household, the first thing that you must do is know your needs. The best way to do this is simply divide all the internet-related tasks that you and your family members do throughout the day. Now, how will you tell whether your usage is light or heavy? Don’t fret because here are the tasks that you commonly do, and where they fall in terms of internet consumption.




·         Website browsing
·         Instant messaging
·         Making voice calls
·         Reading e-books
·         Music streaming
·         Emailing
.         All things from ‘light’
·         HD Video streaming
·         Video conferencing
·         Online Gaming
All things from Light and Medium included
4K video streaming
· Downloading and sharing heavy files
· Also, heavy usage is best determined by how frequently you carry out the ‘medium’ tasks

If your internet consumption stays within the ‘light’ column, then you and your family can easily use internet speeds starting from 60 Mbps. For ‘medium’ needs, the best speed for you and your family would be 100 – 200 Mbps. As for the ‘heavy’ tasks, you should go either for 500 Mbps or for 1000 Mbps.

Give Mediacom Internet a Chance

Mediacom internet is all about providing you with an abundance of options that fit your budget just right. Besides offering a TV and phone service, which are just as great, Mediacom Internet boasts a variety of plans crafted to fit your needs no matter how small or big they are.
Another reason what makes Mediacom Internet totally worth your shot is the technology behind it. Unlike typical cable connections that lose their quality with time, Mediacom offers coaxial and fiber-based connections. It doesn’t matter if you live in a remote area, or the one where weather conditions are always a bit challenging. Rest assured, Mediacom Internet will withstand the toughest test of time to bring you the best that you can’t possibly find elsewhere.
Wait, there’s one more quality that sets Mediacom Internet apart from its competitors. Mediacom doesn’t limit your internet usage even if you are about to reach your monthly data quota. Mediacom offers 5 internet plans and with each plan, comes a predefined, additional monthly data usage. Without letting you fret upon your deceased internet data, the additional monthly data lets you carry on your activities, without you experiencing any sort of a lag.
If your internet service is not as convenient as this one, then it’s about time you consider giving Mediacom a shot. Mediacom offers a plethora of features and a different number of internet speeds best for solitude dwellers and big families.

Get the Right Internet Speeds and Have Fun!

Choosing an internet connection is no less than shopping for an outfit – there’s no way you can go for the one that hardly fits you. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with your ISP before finalizing your internet package and have them guide you about speeds ideal for your needs.