What Does DOT Mean on a Helmet?

You know you need a safe helmet, but what are all those letters all about? Find out how to sort out DOT, ECE and Snell safety ratings on helmets. Shop for a new lid, motorcycle jackets on sale and all the aftermarket parts you need for a safe, unforgettable ride.

Safety Ratings on Helmets Explained

Safety ratings are the difference between a costume piece and protective gear. Don’t just look the part, but gear up with biker wear that’s designed to keep you safe. When your head hits the road, gravel flies in your face or another accident happens, it pays to have a safe helmet. Here are the three top safety certifications used for helmets:

  • DOT
  • ECE
  • Snell

In addition, some independent foundations and organizations rate helmets based on a five-star system. A DOT rating, which stands for Department of Transportation, ensures that your lid is road ready. A helmet without this certification may not be road legal in your area, so be sure yours includes it.
ECE and Snell are two other safety certifications. While they don’t specifically certify your helmet for road performance, they use similar testing procedures. In some cases, they are even more stringent than the DOT test.
All safety tests are designed to protect your head from common impacts, collisions and projectiles. Two common tests include dropping a test helmet on an anvil from a specific height and sending a sharp projectile into the helmet at a specific velocity. A helmet needs to keep your head safe in these conditions in order to receive the safety sticker. These tests are used for full-face, half-face and modular helmets, so you can be confident that any style of headgear is certified as ready for the road.
Of course, these safety stickers are given to any helmet that hits the minimum standards. Highly rated helmets go above and beyond to offer exceptional protection. Read customer reviews and specifications to compare the safety features of top helmet styles and brands before you make your decision.
Online shopping is a great way to verify that you’re purchasing a safe helmet. Enjoy free shipping on motorcycle parts and read customer reviews when you shop at a reputable online store for a new helmet. Check out your current helmet to see if it’s time for a new one. A helmet seven years old, damaged or not certified should be replaced before your next ride for a safe and stress-free riding experience.

How To Online Shop for Motorcycle Gear

Sort for gear, goods and gadgets online. Shopping online is a great way to find the essential items you need. If you’re looking for a new battery, a new helmet or a cool pair of Bluetooth headphones, you’ll find it all online.
Don’t bother with walking around a local motorcycle store or trying to order out-of-stock items. Search for a DOT-rated helmet, motorcycle batteries on sale and other must-have components at a reliable online store. Have your gear delivered right to your garage in time for your next cross-country trip or trail ride.