Amazon Review Guidelines: Know and Increase Sell

If you’re selling on Amazon, reviews play a crucial role. Customers nowadays play close attention to reviews before making any sort of purchasing decision. Whether you’re selling or a customer, knowing Amazon review guidelines is always a plus.
This can help you get reviews for your products that comply with the guidelines from customers. As a customer, knowing the guidelines allows you to leave helpful reviews that help other customers make a decision. 

Amazon Review Guidelines 

Amazon does not just allow anyone to leave a review. There are criteria you need to meet. To be eligible for leaving reviews on Amazon you must have purchased at least $50 on through a debit or credit card. 
Do note that if you don’t meet these requirements, you can still read other comments and reviews, create and modify pages as well. With that settled, here are the guidelines.  

  • Respecting Others

Posting reviews that are insulting and defamatory and/or content that can be classified as harassment are prohibited. Your review will be taken down if that is the case.

  • Be Relevant 

The point of a review is to be helpful – of course. Make sure your reviews add value to the other. Post relevant reviews about your experience with the product or even the seller. 

  • Sexual Content Guideline 

Selling products that are sensual and/or have some sex is permitted. However, nudity or explicit sexual content is not allowed.

  • Incentivized Reviews

Incentivized reviews were very popular back in the days. Although it wasn’t seen as something illegal, it was still a grey area. A seller would offer discounts to entice customers to leave a review – preferably positive. 
After a 2016 update, Amazon has cracked down on incentivized reviews on its site. These are now banned. Reviews that are incentivized through heavy discounts or asking friends and family all fall under the same category. 

  • Leaving Reviews on Your Products or Competitor’s Products 

In case you decide to take the matter on your own hands and decide to leave a review on your products, this action will violate the guidelines. This also extends to you leaving a review on a competitor’s products.

  • Diverting Reviews

There are cases where the seller will divert reviews, especially negative reviews, to them with different means. You can see why this would be a big problem for Amazon and also customers. 
If you do this, other customers might not know the negative experience one has. Amazon strictly prohibits this behavior. 

  • No Multiple Reviews Per Household 

if multiple customers reside in the same household, they are not allowed to post multiple reviews of a product.

  • URLs and Links

Reviews are also allowed to have URLs or links of products that are sold on Amazon only. Thus, you can’t post links to other e-commerce sites or shops. 


  1. Is posting reviews on behalf of someone else allowed?

Ans. Unfortunately no, customer reviews are only allowed by the one who has purchased the product or service.

  1. Can I edit a review I have already written?

Ans. Yes. From your profile click ‘See all reviews’. You should be able to edit your review from there.

  1. Can I compensate for reviews?

Ans. No. To maintain integrity, Amazon does not allow you to compensate for reviews. Any discounts or payments that incentivize to leave a review are considered as compensation.


These review guidelines are easy to remember and should give you a clear understanding of how the e-commerce giants handle reviews. Remember that some guidelines and rules are updated from time to time and can change. So it is best to look at newly updated guidelines if any.