The Best Anti-Drone System

We are industry-leading anti-drone providers especially known for designing and producing supreme quality anti-drone systems. Our systems have worked well for verifying, detecting, and neutralizing unauthorized drone access to the protected area. The experts on our platform develop multi-layered and modular anti drone systems that come with several countermeasures. It also delivers comprehensive security solutions for military bases, aircraft, hi-tech infrastructures, or for various events and prevents unnecessary interference.

Counterbalancing The Target

We have integrated highly specific surveillance software that instantly issues an alarm whenever devices invade an area under protection. If required by the users our alerting act also comes with a joint attack to prevent the invasion. Our anti-drone systems rely on jamming techniques in a controlled manner that also minimizes any sort of interference among systems. It is further integrated with a centralized tower system that enables close screening of objects and prevents false alarms.

UAV Radar Detector

This detector comes with a 30-kilometer range of digital drone jammer; it is one of the best one-stop solutions. Its development basis is mentioned below-

  • GJB 74A- 1998: Military ground radar
  • GJB 150A- 2009: Environmental test method for military equipment laboratory
  • GJB 151A- 1997: Electromagnetic emission and sensitivity specifications for military equipment subsystems
  • GJB 152A- 1997: Electromagnetic Amazon and sensitivity specifications for military equipment subsystems
  • GJB 450A- 2004: Equipment reliability

Functional Indicators

Functional indicators in real-time can detect and track various batches of bayraktar (fixed wing) and multi-rotor UAV. With absolute transparency, it facilitates critical information about the rider including range, pitch, speed, threat, azimuth, etc. It is capable of providing a variety of features and the major ones are mentioned below-

  • Record and store the target plot track and radar status data
  • Comes with automatic admission function
  • Pulse system radar system
  • Its operating distance is a hundred kilometers, and detection probability is 90%
  • It is capable of detecting Earth and sea
  • It has a self-test function that can provide signal function and fault report

Our Anti-Drone Radar Systems

Our anti-drone radar systems can also be used to detect UAVs. The traditional aviation or military radar systems are not specially designed to be compatible with picking up large objects. Our modern entertainment systems use a variety of comprehensive credit technologies that are inclusive of micro-doppler, electronically scanned arrays, staring radar, and many more. Altogether the features offer 3D airspace and sophisticated signal processing technology to precisely detect and identify the drones.
These anti-drone systems have a perfect mix of multi-sensor and multiple sensor fusion algorithms to offer an entire range of anti-drone integrated solutions. Several other physical and technical countermeasures are also incorporated into these systems.

Versatile Digital Jammer

The Glonass or jamming drones’ GPS navigation signal range is up to 25 kilometers. Its features are inclusive of a military or civil frequency, GPS, etc. It has a cross digital jumping source that ranges up to 30 kilometers in a direction. It is a super arranged GPS GLONASS digital jammer that works brilliantly with the anti-drone radar systems.