How to Monitor Someone's Instagram Account Without A Password?

The advancement of technology has made the internet world a fantastic medium to stay connected to our loved ones and keep ourselves engaged. Instagram is one such application that has been helping people to do so. While the platform keeps us occupied, it has its own sets of downsides like cyberbullying, online harassment, and infidelity.
Therefore, parents and spouses may want to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password. Do you wish to do the same? If yes, let us see how you can do so:

The Need to Monitor Someone’s Instagram Account Without A Password

Instagram comes with some excellent security features. While this can be great when you use it, the same security can become a hindrance for those wanting to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password. These may be people ranging from parents and spouses to employers and wish to do so for the following reasons:

  • To know what their spouse/partner is up to on Instagram and who he talks to constantly
  • To protect their business’s confidential data and ensure that their employees do not use Instagram during the work hours
  • To safeguard their kids and teens from the dangers lurking inside the digital world

Apart from these, there can be numerous legitimate reasons that may make you want to do so. But what if you may not actually need a password for it? What if doing so is simpler than you can ever imagine? Yes, you can readily monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password using the following ways:

Top Ways to View Someone’s Instagram Activity Without A Password

For those who wish to view a private Instagram account without following it, getting the password might not be the only option. You can use the following methods:

Method 1: Rely on The Notifications

The simplest way you can monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password is by getting your hands on their phone and keeping a check on their notification bar. Unlock the mobile and pull down the notification bar. Then, on the pulled-down notification bar, read the available messages, and track someone’s Instagram DM without letting them know.
Easy, isn’t it? However, you will need the phone for this, especially when the messages are still shown as notifications. Also, you cannot see any other Instagram activity. Furthermore, if there is a screen lock on the target person’s phone, and you have no idea about it, this method may not work at all.

Method 2: Monitor Someone’s Instagram Account Using Their Facebook Details

“Login using Facebook” is the next method that you can use to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password. Instagram allows its users to access their accounts with the help of Facebook. So, if you are familiar with the target person’s Facebook login details, you can easily take advantage of it and see what they are doing on Instagram.

Method 3: Use an Instagram Tracking App

The most reliable and the easiest method that can be used to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password and remotely is with the help of an Instagram tracking app. Such an application will allow you to view all the Instagram details of the target user in a hidden mode and from the comfort of your space. Further, the only prerequisite of using it is that the target phone must have a stable internet connection. Apart from it, it is super-simple to use.
Besides, an Instagram tracking app or a cell phone spy app will allow you to spy on iPhone without jailbreak, and on Android without rooting. Also, these applications offer no-installation along with a no-jailbreak solution for iPhone. Here is how you can use an Instagram tracker:

 Step 1: Look for The Best Instagram Tracker

Firstly, look for your desired spy app. There are many Instagram tracking apps that you can choose. Spymaster Pro is one of them. It has all the essential features that an ideal Instagram tracker must-have. You can even find some genuine Spymaster Pro reviews easily online.

Step 2: Get a Subscription

After you choose the best Instagram tracker, get its subscription. While doing so, make sure that the application is compatible with the target phone. To monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password on an Android, make sure that you get the subscription specifically meant for it.

Step 3: Install It

In the next step, you have to install the spy app to the target Android phone. In the case of the Spymaster Pro app, this process will take no more than five minutes. This time may, however, vary for other Instagram tracking apps available online. Further, for an iPhone, look for an application that spies on the target phone with the help of iCloud credentials.

Step 4: Monitor Instagram Account Without Password

Lastly, you are all set to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password. With the right spy app, you will be able to view theentire phone activityof the target user.


Out of all the above methods to monitor someone’s Instagram account without a password, using an Instagram tracking app is the most reliable and the best one. With it, you can not only view the other person’s Instagram messages and activity easily but also do so remotely and without letting the target user know about it.