Chegg Study or Conects Q&A: Which is better?

If you’re a student looking for online help with homework, there are several options for getting answers to homework so that you can better understand the concepts you’re learning and to ensure that you’re getting good grades. However, all platforms for online help with homework aren’t created equal.
So how do you choose which online homework help app to go with? In this article, we’ll compare Chegg Study vs Conects Q&A on three of the most important factors: speed, quality and price.
Speed: Who is faster?
When you’re trying to find online help with homework, speed is usually one of the most important factors. Basically, you need answers now. If you can’t get answers to homework in time, you may miss your deadline to turn it in or you might have moved on to another problem. It can create a roadblock if you can’t get a quick response.

Chegg Study advertises that you can get a solution from an expert in 30 minutes (on average). However, Conects Q&A is often able to get you answers within 10 minutes. Although both are pretty fast, it’s clear that Conects Q&A is the winner here when it comes to online help with homework with the fastest possible delivery.
Winner: Conects Q&A with solutions delivered within 10 minutes on average.
The tougher the question, the more important it is that you get a well explained, quality answer. Not only do you want the correct answer, but you also need to know how to get there so you can replicate it and learn from the solution. Understanding the answers for homework is just as important as getting the answers.

This is one place that Conects Q&A really stands out. Because with Conects Q&A you will be connected to an expert in chat format, you can go back and forth and ask questions or further explanations. If you don’t quite understand the solution or need clarification, you can continue to chat with the expert and ask any questions you may have.
In contrast, with Chegg Study, they provide a one-time solution so it’s not as easy to get more information if you feel like you need a little extra help understanding the solution to the problem you submitted.
Winner: Conects Q&A because you can access the expert in chat format which means you will be able to ask for clarification and ask multiple questions if needed.
 When considering paying for anything, price is always something that we need to compare. Especially if you’re a student on a budget like many are. Although both Chegg and Conects Q&A are pretty affordable for the average student, there is a huge difference when you look at the value you’re getting for the price.
Chegg’s pricing is $14.99 and allows you to ask up to 20 questions per month. Unfortunately, that’s your only option when you sign up with Chegg Study.
Luckily, Conects Q&A has several options available so you can select one that works for you. The month to month plan is $9.99 for 20 questions per month, which is over 30% cheaper than Chegg in comparison. Even better, Conects Q&A also has unlimited plans available. For $9.99/month for a 6-month subscription or $6.99/month for a 12-month subscription you can ask unlimited questions to the experts at Conects Q&A. If you don’t often need help and just want to pay per question, you can also choose to pay-as-you-go and pay $5.99 per question.
Winner: Conects Q&A by far! For as little as $6.99 per month you can ask unlimited questions to get online help with homework.
By comparing Chegg Study and Conects Q&A above, it’s clear to see that Conects Q&A is the winner across all three categories. You may have heard of Chegg because they’ve been around much longer and have had the time to gain a reputation, but Conects Q&A is a new education app to provide online help with homework and is growing quickly. Conects Q&A launched in April 2020 and since then over 8.5 million people installed the app with more students signing up every day.