Recovering Your Lost or Stolen Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

This guide provides you a solution to recover stolen bitcoin. According to a Crypto-Crime report that was released in 2019, about $12 billion of cryptocurrency transactions have been misappropriated globally which is an equivalent to the government budget of some countries. It accounts for less than 2% of predicted value of global cybercrime which is anticipated to reach $6 trillion by 2021 and the vast majority is laundered with traditional financial providers.
Before now, Crypto-crime victims didn’t have luck with reclaiming their stolen, lost and defrauded Crypto funds. But that has changed now, you can now hire a verified funds recovery expert to help you recover your stolen cryptocurrency. There are also corporate investigators and risk consulting services, which help to provide a helping hand to both victims and members of law enforcement. But the significant need for an effective solution in the space of Blockchain-based investigations, the details of their service, fees and process are yet to be clarified.

How to Recover Stolen Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Historically, there have been hundreds of variations of financial scams that included cryptocurrencies in recent years but using the service of a verified funds recovery expert combines traditional methods of investigations performed using Krell with Blockchain Analysis Tools. This solution increases chances to reclaim misappropriated Crypto assets, the company offers the end-user an alternative way to take action apart from awaiting steps being taken from national law enforcement agencies.
Except for organized groups, which are believed to have so far defrauded at least $1 billion each, some of the most common scams, involving the average Joe, have been collecting hundreds of Euro and concerned for example: rental offers of fully furnished dream apartments in Berlin, London or Stockholm for an unprecedented low rent. The scammers have been using both lack of affordable housing in the European capitals, greed and involved social engineering.

Ways to Recover Stolen Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

However, as the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap remain pseudo-anonymous each transaction can be tracked on pages like Wallet Explorer or Blockchain as there is a likelihood that fraudsters would like to exchange the funds back to fiat-currency, which results in a chance of recovering the funds.
Since Blockchain explorers remain difficult to navigate, especially for new and unexperienced users. Some companies spotted a business opportunity for “trusted partners” to report fraudulent cryptocurrency wallets in which fraudsters have been collecting their funds. Once such wallet address is being reported to platforms, whenever a user would like to cash-out Crypto to Fiat. The brokerage services using such Blockchain Analysis Tools, mostly crowdsourcing, are able to block transactions and freeze the funds. With help of law enforcement such frozen funds can be transferred back to victims. Such cases remain rare but are not uncommon.

Best Ways to Recover Stolen Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

If the transaction has not yet been executed by the Cryptocurrency brokers, which happens more often than users might assume, any refund or chargeback requests remain pointless as the users have willingly engaged in the transaction and Blockchain being a digital infrastructure doesn’t have a customer service or a technical possibility to perform refunds. You can hire a verified funds recovery expert to recover all lost bitcoin or send an email to – [email protected], the recovery company I used when I needed to recover my bitcoin some months ago.