Wooden textured background

Is wooden the way to go?

What is it about wood that makes it such an amazing product? Wood has been used for millennia in our homes, and it continues to be just as popular today. In a space-aged world of high-tech composite materials, wood stands the test of time and remains strong. 
Wood is used not just in the construction of homes, but in furniture too. From ancient wooden bedframes backed with straw to the beautiful and understated Lola bed frame from Domayne, wood is versatile and pleasing to the senses. Wood is the perfect choice for long-lasting and comfortable furniture, let’s discover what makes wood so good.

It’s easy to work with.

Depending on the tree, most words are easy to work with, furniture makers can cut complex shapes and designs by hand if need be, although today machines do most of the fine cutting and shaving of wooden furniture. Wood is supple and can be glued, slotted, screwed or nailed together with ease.
Even a basic set of woodworking tools will allow an artisan to construct a piece of furniture from wood planks. The ease of manipulation has made wood the choice of furniture makers for thousands of years.

It has preferable tolerances

Wood not only looks good but has excellent heat handling abilities when applied to furniture design. Wood, unlike steel, will get harder as it heats up, remaining stable in the event of a fire. It would seem strange that wood would be more resistant to heat than steel, but as much as three times as much heat energy is needed to heat or cool steel compared to wood.
Wood is also incredibly strong for its weight, another reason why it’s the perfect material for building long-lasting furniture. A quality wooden bedframe should last decades and stand up the weight of multiple people rolling around and stressing the frame. 

We share an unspoken connection with it.

Wood is natural, we see it all around us, it is soft, comforting, and earthy. Certain wood is prized for its grain or its color but in general, we instinctively love the sight of wood. Whether its an ornate bedhead or a simple hand-carved figurine, wood has the innate ability to inspire and fuel our imaginations. 

It’s so versatile.

The sheer variety of tree species available means the variety of wood is vast; this perhaps explains best why wood is the perfect choice for durable furniture. Teak can be used in outdoor applications as it has high oil content, whereas pine is chosen for furniture as it is soft, inexpensive, and develops a beautiful patina after several years.
Wood can be found in almost any color and can even be combined for a mesmerizing effect. Wood responds well to oils, and as such, a wide variety of treatments are available that improve usability, longevity, and appearance. You can have it any way you like with wood, no wonder it’s still so popular.

It can be sustainable.

In today’s political climate, sustainability and responsibility are issues that are gaining much attention. We want to know where our products are coming from and if they are responsibly manufactured and sold. Wood is one of the few materials that can be truly sustainable and responsibly harvested.
Unlike steel or iron, wood can be grown in plantations with nothing more than time, effort, and the sun’s energy. Sustainable wood plantations are becoming big business, and happily, it’s becoming expected of large manufactures to source their wood from these sustainable plantations. There are other materials we could see In the future, such as plant-based plastics, but for now, wood is the flag bearer for sustainable materials. 
Humanity has been using wood since we first walked upright. Strong, light, and beautiful; no other material has become so beloved. Perhaps we will see a rise in high tech materials like carbon fiber and 3D printed plastics, but for now, wood remains the best choice for long-lasting furniture.