These Are the Typical Car Accident Attorney Fees

There are, on average, six million car accidents in the United States every year.
Many of these are minor, requiring neither medical nor legal intervention. Unfortunately, a substantial minority are serious, often causing severe injuries and financial losses.
If you’ve been in an accident of the latter sort, you’ll need a lawyer. Before you hire one, however, you’ll need to consider car accident attorney fees.
Read on as we look at the kind of legal expenses you’re likely to rack up when hiring car accident attorneys.

Car Accident Attorney Fees: The Breakdown

There are a few different constituents to the overall fees you’ll pay your attorney after an accident. In all cases, however, the severity of the accident and the complexity of the case will be decisive factors when it comes to your total spend.

Initial Consultation

While not every lawyer charges a fee for an initial consultation, many do. Some will refund it if you decide not to pursue a lawsuit.

Hourly Rate

Once they’ve agreed to take on your case, an attorney will quote you an hourly rate. There may be different rates for different types of work they do on the case; for example, the time they spend in appointments with you may be more expensive than the time they spend on casework behind the scenes.

Special Expenses

In more complicated car accident situations, a lawyer will often have to hire third-party analysts to give specialist opinions. This is common in a secondary car accident scenario, as it is often more difficult to establish causation and liability.

What Is a Contingency Fee Arrangement?

For those with limited resources at their disposal, a contingency fee arrangement can be the best way to pursue a car accident case. Essentially, a contingency fee means that you don’t pay anything unless your case is successful. If you do secure a settlement, your attorney will then be entitled to a percentage of it.
These kinds of arrangements are becoming more and more popular, as they work well for people who don’t have big incomes. However, you should be aware that the fee you end up paying in the event of a case win could be considerably more than had you opted for an hourly rate arrangement.

Protecting Your Interests After a Car Accident

Car accident attorney fees can often be considerable, and this can act as a deterrent for some people after they’ve had a crash. However, it’s always important to consider the bigger picture. If you don’t take the right steps to protect yourself, you could be left with huge costs of different kinds, costs that sometimes stay with people for life.
Finding a competent lawyer that represents value for money is the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.
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