7 Blue Glasses Inspired by cinema

You may not be a movie star, but dressing like one can make you feel good. Be as stylish as you protect your eyes with Tom Ford eyewear that have featured in different Hollywood films. Tom Ford eyewear has well-defined shapes that get inspiration from the 1950s and 1970s fashion and movies. 
These glasses are a combination of acetate and metal to make silhouettes that are a unique, recognizable brand. The iconic detail and style like the metal ‘T’ logo on the front, the infinity silhouette in new colors and trends. They are ready to wear eyeglasses with the blue light blocker lenses that relieve the eyes from straining due to extended exposure to blue light. 
Tom Ford is a highly respected and successful eyewear designer with numerous design awards since 1994. He had collaborated with different fashion houses until April 2005 when he launched the Tom Ford brand. 
Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses Inspired by Cinema
Tom Ford continues to lead as a style icon who moulds the mood in a glamorous allure in all his creations which are innovative and provocative. They have attention to detail, made from exclusive materials and true artistry. The most popular styles can be traced to Whitney, Jennifer, Cary, Leo and the James Bond sunglasses that he wore in 007 as Marko, Henry and Snowdon. 

1. Superman

The film, Superman in 1978 featuring Christopher Reeves who assumed the role of Clark Kent rocked the iconic Tom Ford FT5481-B blue light glasses in style. The glasses changed his appearance giving him the upper-hand to visit the enemy’s camp. You might need this pair of glasses to change your physical appearance as you shield your eyes from the harmful blue rays.

2. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series from 2001 through 2011 displays Tom Ford FT5632 blue light modest glasses adorably in the entire series. The only difference in these special blue light glasses is a tape bridging at the nose. Harry Potter is a humble character whose elegance and style is pronounced by this pair of blue blockers. You can also add to your touch of fashion with this pair. 

3. Single Man

Colin Firth in the Single Man film appeared in a pair resembling these iconic Tom Ford FT5542 blue light glasses. He pulled these frames from his prop box, and they inspired his look. In Tom Ford’s glasses collection, the Single Man pair matches the FT5178 model. Buy this pair and be stylish like a movie star as you protect your eyes. 

4. James Bond Skyfall

James Bond is a household name, and in all films, he rocked in glasses. In 2012, in the film Skyfall, the Tom Ford FT5658 blue light glasses were a copy of the sunglasses design worn by Bond. With pilot shape frames, get them in original silver, or elegant gold and they are always stylish and fashionable. 

5. Avengers Infinity War

The E.D.I.T.H. Tony Stark glasses are a perfect match to Tom Ford FT5627. They are most likely the most famous in all his designs. The blue light glasses have an A.I system making them stylish, technologically advanced in a splash of designer looks protecting your eyes from the blu rays.

6. Quay Australia Big Screen Blue Blockers

The life story of Elton John as a singer, songwriter and composer is well narrated in the movie Rocketman of 2019. He displayed as the man of change who changed the world in his unapologetic style through music in the 70s. A pair of sunglasses featured in the movie is a copy of the singer’s iconic pair with heart frames. Quay Australia QW-000308 – heart-shaped blue light glasses is a fancy matching the Elton John’s sunglasses elegant look! 

7. Pretty Pink

Pink is a ladies color, and this iconic 80s fashion of iconic style still inspires people today. The thin-rimmed round Quay Australia spectacles QU-000379 blue light glasses bring out Molly Ringwald’s character Andie Walsh in the classic movie Pretty Pink.  Anyone who loves self-made simplicity should get a pair of these glasses. 

zFORT™ Blue Light Technology

Movie lovers should discover the new blue light blocking technology, eyewear designer powerful enough to shield your eyes from blue light wavelengths between 380 and 500nm. Blue light wavelengths of these margins can damage your eyesight and vision. At SmartBuyGlasses the zFORT™ technology is available, and you can incorporate the blue blockers to any frames of your choice.


If sunglasses complement your fashion and style, then you need to upgrade and add the Tom Ford eyewear designs to your collection. Look good, feel good as you take care of your eyes in glamour and style. All eyewear you need is well provided at SmartBuyGlasses, and they will address any concerns you might raise.