Top dining table designs

Eating a meal is a frequent event that should be done in style and comfort. This is ensured by the choice of furniture in the dining room. The most basic of this furniture is the dining table, which sets the tone for the theme of the whole room. The following are interesting choices for a dining table that you should consider.

Extendable dining table

This dining table designs comes with the option of scaling their length to the number of diners. They have detachable compartments which slide over each other when pulled. Therefore, the table can cater to a small family diner to a large feast with many guests. These interlocking compartments also leave a seamless tabletop that does not reveal the magic behind the table.

Pedestal Dining Table

This dining table combines functionality with elegance. It normally comes in a square shape, which holds a maximum of two chairs at each side. Its style comes from the single block base that stands for its legs. This leaves a lot of legroom for the occupants while holding the table and its contents firmly. Its square shape also utilizes in space, and several tables can be fit together to extend the dining to the required number of guests.

Oval Dining Table

The oval dining table is elegant in its style and even as a decoration for the room. It offers a wide variety of material from glass to walnut wood or even mahogany. The shape maximizes the number of occupants while economizing on the available space. The edges of the table taper off with the oval shape leaving a crook. You can get a complimentary TV table online to complete the look.

Round Dining set

A round dining set is ideal for small spaces where dining with style is still a key requirement. It offers the occupants a close encounter during meals, thus encouraging conversation and bonding. It fits well with other furniture in the dining room, and round twin tables can be added to extend capacity.

Classic Italian Dining Table

The classic Italian dining table is curved to reveal its exquisite finish and stylish look. It is normally rectangular, allowing the arrangement of diners in an appropriate hierarchy.  It is unique in its design, which offers an added vintage look to the dining room. Its two thick stands are rectangular blocks that fit further from the edge and closer together to the center.

Uttara Duplex Dining

The Uttara duplex is a dining table for royalty. It is sleek with polished wood that fits perfectly in a dining room. It alternates thin legs with a huge block to bring an eerie contrast that makes its a piece of decoration in addition to a table. A set of matched chairs curved elegantly make the whole dining set one fitting for a royal dinner.

Table Benches Dining set

This is a unique set of dining table that features block legs joined by a centerline. The dining table has two dining chairs, which are complemented by two side benches. Its lengths optimize this side length adding style to the room.
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