Importance of AV material in Education

It is an indisputable fact that the use of imaging technologies and the contemporary scientific spirit with its emphasis on observation and analysis of reality. It has come together to promote a new status of the image in science and in science. 
Audiovisual material represents a new language for education. Audiovisual literacy cannot be understood as a simple optional complement to classical literacy. It is one of the many languages, but it also implies a change in the educational system and methodology. 
By incorporating image and audiovisual into teaching, it changes not only the way of seeing and analyzing the world but also of studying it, transmitting it, learning about it, and interacting with reality and with others. 
So, the importance of the use of audiovisual content in our classrooms, and of knowing how audiovisual is approached in the curriculum and in the school context.
In this instance, dealing with how to use audiovisual material in classrooms is a partial but crucial issue at the same time. If you want to install AV system/material in education institute or classroom, you can contact at Lunis Systems

Why is it crucial to consider its use in the classroom?

  • Both students and teachers have the possibility not only of becoming critical consumers of audiovisual productions but also generators of their own and collective resources.
  • By promoting the use of audiovisuals in classes, all-digital educational content and services are enhanced at the same time.
  • The role of the teacher is transformed by appropriating the uses and techniques regarding audiovisual materials, interactivity, and new languages.

Audiovisual material commonly called video is underused in the classroom. Probably due to lack of training and positioning regarding the need to literate in multiple languages or because training is partial, it is often limited to the technological dimension. 
Because of various method of processing information, there most of time found lack of audiovisual training. In the classroom, the usage of AV helps in to construct a meaningful and helpful knowledge up till the learning potential of sounds, words and images are specifically used for the transmission of series of experience which can provide a different learning style.
This allows conceiving a more realistic image of a concept. The audiovisual material manages to expose issues with much more objectivity, in a completely clear and accessible way for everyone. 
In addition, it stimulates the interest of individuals much more, since we move away from boring books so that others can tell us what we must later learn.
The very first experience related to education present in form of a digital encyclopedia. The youngest will know little about them. 
However, they were a real revolution, as they replaced the typical encyclopedias that we all have at home and placed them directly on a computer screen, with endless extra audios, videos, and photographs.
In order to broadcasting, television would be a clear example of these media, which tries to spread messages with their broadcasts.