Blackpink new song featuring PewDiePie is comming soon !!

Figure 1:BlackPinks Group

It is very well known to everyone that Blackpink is the South Korean girl group whose heart touching songs and albums make everybody feel excitement and agitation.Blackpink came on the stage in is no more than a wonder to attain a Megastar status within a short time. Recently, it was featured on Lady Gaga’s track “Sour Candy.”
The blackpink group consists of Lisa, Jennie, Roséand jisoo.You will wonder to hear that they have approximately more than 874 million views on YouTube.

The song “How You Like That”

It was the song recorded by Blackpink and was released on June 26; 2020.These music videos have broken the records on orYouTube.can you imagine that this song has gained 86.3 million views within 24 hours. It is the most loved and watched video and has gained likes about 16 millions. This song has attained a very good position In Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary and the last one South Korea. It was certified platinum in South Korea and Brazil and the most important one that it certified gold in Canada.

Upcoming song from the Blackpink

Figure 2: New Album

The next upcoming blackpink’s album is “The album” which is going to be released on October 2, 2020. A new hit single to beat within 24 hours top viewed mark. BlackPink is doing a song with the biggest Youtube star PewDiePie. Here’s the website that is going to release the song as soon as the count down hits 0:00. . Fans on both sides are very excited since it’s a really rare collaboration, PewDiePie is known to be a very big k-pop fan. Doing this move will be one of the biggest business moves for would be great and good news for the people who are really waiting impatiently for the upcoming songs or albums byBlackpinksFt PewDiepie. The song is written by Danny Chung and Teddy Park. We hope that this song will entertains it’s listeners as they are expecting from it.

The blackpink is going to disband or Not?

For your kind information most kpopgroup will be disbanded between 8 to 10 years after they have started. And there is also a possibility that they might disband in 2023.On the other hands, Blackpink just has one comeback in one year after 9 months when they have started. That’s why there is a possibility that they will not stay anymore in 2023.But there is also a possibility that they will not disband in the coming years because there are only 4 years since they debut.

Blackpink famous albums and songs you would love:

Here we have mentioned some of the albums you would love to listen all these recorded by blackpink.
 Kill This Love (Japanese Album)
“Sour Candy” (with Lady Gaga)
“How You Like That”
 “Ice Cream” (with Selena Gomez)
“The Album”
“Square one “released on August 8, 2016.

BTS break Blackpink record or Not?

As a matter of fact, it’s great and big news for the fans of blackpink that “Dynamite” broke the record by getting more and more viewers on the music video debut, and beating Korean pop group Blackpink, who had 1.65 million views on their most famous song “How You Like That” in June.

The most beautiful girl in blackpink group:

Figure 3: Lisa

I think the blackpink’s fans would love to hear that Lisa is the most beautiful girl in the Blackpinkgroup.It has been reported that only two members of South Korean girl are in the top 5 of TCC Asia’s most beautiful faces in the Asia in 2019 list, and Lisa was declared as the pretty no.1.

The first kpop group to reach 1 billion.

Blackpink has got the chance and recorded history this weekend by getting 1 billion views on a music video. It’s a great and big deal in kpop group that Blackpink has made the massive record of 1 billion views within a short time.

Blackpink’s two songs which have made history:

Blackpink has broken various online records. The two music videos has set the highest record “kill this love” in 2019 and “How you like that” these both videos are the most frequently watched when they were being released and set the world’s record.