How To Increase Your Daily Protein Intake : Things To Know

Protein is the building block of your body. From your hair, nails, bones to hormones, everything has protein. If you are into any kind of fitness training or regime, you will require more protein than people in general, and therefore, one needs to take up enough protein for the muscles to replenish after a strenuous workout session. There are numerous ways that can help you increase your protein intake, however you need to do this in a healthy way and that is there this article will help you out.
Listed below are some of effective ways that you can follow that increase your daily intake of protein : 

  • Eat Protein Rich Foods

In order to increase your overall protein intake, eat your protein first before you get to the starch rich foods in your diet. Consume boiled shredded chicken with lemon, preferably chicken breast as it contains maximum protein. Eat quinoa, soya chunks, egg whites and all things rich in protein. If you are aiming for a lean chiselled physique, your body fat has to be extremely low and therefore make sure you read the calorie chart before consuming anything.

  • Avoid Packed Food Items 

Say bye to packed food items as it contains fat and all things unhealthy. Delete online food ordering apps and be your own chef and master the dishes at home. Stay Away from excess sugar, salt and maida called as the dangerous 3 Whites. Most of the packed food items from outside contain all these three items in excess.

  •  Pair Peanut Butter With Fruit And Toasts

Bring home a yummy jar of peanut butter and add it to your toasts, shakes, smoothies and more. Enriched with good fat, protein and essential nutrients, peanut butters are your perfect snacking buddy. Peanut butter sandwiches are widely loved by children also. 

  • Take Whey Protein Supplements 

You can even take up Best Whey Protein Isolate in the market and supplement it well. Whey protein isolate is widely consumed by fitness enthusiasts all over the world working out hard for lean muscle gains and buildup. Isolate whey protein is considered one of the most recommended supplements in the market. Get the best whey protein price from an authentic and certified supplement store in order to avoid falling prey for fake products.

  • Include Protein Rich Foods In Every Meal 

If your complete idea is to only increase the protein intake in your diet, include protein rich foods in all your meals. Not specifically breakfasts, but all. You can eat soya chunks, arhar dal, almond milk and dairy products like gree yoghurt for added protein in your diet.

  • Eat Dried Seeds & Nuts 

Keep a box of seeds and nuts handy whenever you feel hungry, this will help you in keeping away with your unnecessary carvings leading to eating unhealthy and crash junk from outside.
These are some of the most effective and easy to follow tips that can help you increase the intake of protein in your daily diet. We hope you conquer your fitness goals of the year while you stay healthy and fit.