How to Choose the Right Underwear for Your Body Type

We all have our own unique curves and clothing is cut in many ways. The cut of your clothes can either accentuate your assets or downplay your most attractive features. It is easy to put a lot of attention into every detail of our outerwear but do we think as much about our underwear? Underwear are no different in how they can hug our bodies in just the right way that they make us look and feel amazing. 
There is something intrinsically sensual about underwear that fits us just right. In many situations, we put these garments on under our clothing and it is likely no one is going to see them. However, knowing that you look good in your underwear is empowering and provocative. Both men and women have guidelines that can steer them in the right direction for finding the right options to suit their bodies. What are the best underwear options for you? Let’s explore.
How Can Woman Pick The Right Underwear For Their Bodies?
Ladies know their problem areas as well as where they shine. Body type is crucial to figure out which cut of underwear is best for you.

Athletic Body Types

If you have a naturally athletic build or if you work hard to keep your toned body looking strong, you likely aren’t too voluptuous. Your curves may be more subtle but the firmness in your assets like a plump, hard bottom, you want to show it off. A lacy thong will add a soft, feminine look and show off much of your sculpted behind and taught thighs.
Make sure that your thong is deep in the sides so that they both hug the shape of your body and add some more shape to your silhouette. You won’t have to worry about panty lines with this option giving you an added bonus. Athletic bodies should steer clear of high-waist briefs which can make this figure look boxy and clunky.

Apple Shaped

A classic brief is the way to go because there is enough material to cover your derriere while also accentuating a smaller sized waist. This body type can also look good in mid-rise options which give extra coverage and structure to the tummy and hips. Tru to avoid buying full-coverage styles which curvy girls may thing will cover trouble spots. The opposite of this is what happens. Full-coverage underwear emphasizes the larger parts of your body, making you look bigger all-around. 

Petite Bodies

These bodies have proportionally smaller features and shorter limbs which makes it important to buy underwear with the lease amount of material possible. Underwear that is cut high in the thighs can give an elongated look to shorter legs and similarly a low waistband won’t take any more away from a shorter torso. Boy short cuts and full-coverage options are not the most flattering for a petite body. These styles will flatten out a petite body’s natural curves and take away length from the legs and make the waist seem much larger.
How Can Men Pick The Right Underwear For Their Bodies?
Like females, men can benefit tremendously by taking some time to pick the right underwear for their body types. The right duds can give guys the support they need, the breathability, and the flexibility they want. Not only does the right choice increase comfort but it can make you feel pretty good when you take a look in the mirror. Additionally, a high-quality pair of underwear is also important for good hygiene.
Men will look at options based on their preference, utility of the garment, and their body shape to make an appropriate determination of the best pair of underwear. Guys will find it helpful to buy top-tier underwear over cheap options which will wear out quickly and not provide the desired functionality. Some of the things that a good pair of men’s underwear will have include the ability to:

  • Absorb sweat
  • Be a protective barrier for your pants keeping them dry and clean on the inside
  • Offer support 
  • Be breathable enough to regulate your body temperature
  • Gaurd against chafing

What Are The Types Of Underwear Men Can Choose?


Just plain comfortable, these loose undies give more freedom to a man’s personal area with exceptional breathability. There are some designs that will have a slit in the front that is open for a quick exit. They won’t give you much support, so if you prefer to have that structure, boxers aren’t it.
You can find them in either slim or casual fit. Causal is going to give you the most room. Slim fit will offer more room than you’d have in a brief but they are smaller around the legs.


A good combination of comfort with some support, they vary by three styles. You can find briefs in low cut meaning they will fit under your hip bone. They also come in mid-rise which sits on your waist and full rise briefs have the most coverage, they fit near the bellybutton. Full rise briefs can hide some of your problem areas making your waist look slimmer than it is.
Guys that are shorter will do best to give briefs a try. They allow more of your body to be exposed so your body doesn’t look choppy and small. 

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs provide lots of coverage with boxer briefs without the baggy appearance you have with boxers. The best boxer briefs offer a good balance between offering support plus protection. They are an excellent option for an exercise session because of their ability to be both comfortable and supportive. If you are sensitive about your waistline, these may not feel the best to you. They have a tendency to create the muffin top look due to their waistband location sitting a little above the hips.
Taller gentlemen will look just right in boxer briefs which provide the most material and coverage. Wearing smaller options on a tall figure can look silly, not to mention make you look like you are ridiculously tall.


Trunks have a boxy shape but they aren’t baggy like boxers. They offer the support of briefs, but they differ in they are cut shorter in the legs. Slim builds look the best in trunks which give you room without overwhelming your body by too much extra fabric.


The jockstrap is all about performance. Their design is optimal for sports and competition activity because the jockstrap will provide you lift that will protect your groin. The most supportive option, this type of underwear is optimal for wearing a cup as you would do when you are engaging in highly physical activities.
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