Navigating a Car Accident Lawsuit: 6 Tips

There are an estimated six million car accidents in the United States every year. While not all of these accidents result in a lawsuit, many of them do. When you take part in a car accident lawsuit, there are several steps you need to take and tips that you need to follow in order to ensure a successful outcome.
The days, weeks, and months after a car accident can be a difficult time. Many people are left feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and traumatized. But winning a lawsuit can help give you back your peace of mind and also give you the compensation that you deserve.
If you’re interested in learning more, then continue reading and we’ll walk you through the top tips that you need to know about in order to navigate a car accident lawsuit.

1. Double-Check Your No-Fault Forms

Paperwork that’s involved in no-fault claims includes the submission of forms for attendant care and replacement services (household services) claims. These forms are required in order for you to receive reimbursement for the services that were provided to you. However, the accuracy of these forms is crucial to your case.
An inaccurate submission can lead to you losing all of your no-fault benefits. In fact, inaccuracies can even lead to claims of fraud. Because of this, simple mistakes can end up greatly hurting your case.

2. Keep Track of Doctor Appointments

In the days following your car accident, you should make sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Tell your doctor about what happened in the car accident and show them anywhere that you’re feeling pain.
If you don’t go to a doctor, then it can imply that you weren’t hurt in a car accident. For many people, they don’t experience any issues until days or even weeks after an accident.
However, the longer you wait to visit the doctor, the weaker your case is going get.
You want to make sure that you keep track of all of your doctor appointments and get copies of all of your medical records and bills. These are going to be some of the most important documents in your car accident lawsuit.

3. Take Pictures of Everything

You want to record and take pictures of anything that might be relevant. Immediately following the accident, you should take photos of the scene of the accident, the damage to your car and the other car, and any bruises or injuries that you sustained.
Anytime you get an operation done, make sure to take a photo of that too. If you have trouble moving after your car accident, it’s a good idea to take a video of your compromised range of motion in order to better illustrate your new problems.
Give all of these photos and videos to your lawyer so that they can know how to best implement them in court.

4. Applying for SSD

Many insurance companies out there will force people to apply for Social Security Disability. Sometimes, they will try to make you apply to SSD even if you’re planning to recover and go back to work.
What follows next can include an appeal. Also, how you fill out your application can actually impact how your car accident lawsuit goes.
Before applying for SSD, it’s very important that you first speak with your lawyer. That’s because your lawyer can help you fill out your application while also making sure that you don’t hurt your case.

5. Don’t Talk About Your Case

Defense attorneys, insurance adjusters, and sometimes even jurors might try to contact you about your car accident case. No matter what, you shouldn’t talk to anyone about your case, especially if they were hired by the insurance company or the at-fault driver.
If an insurance adjuster wants to talk to you about your lawsuit, ask them to speak to your car accident attorney. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you.
You also need to be careful when it comes to social media. Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters will look into your social media accounts, web pages, and blogs. They want to find things that can help them avoid taking full responsibility for the harm that they caused you.
These people will try to use your social media accounts against you and show that you’re not as injured as you claim to be. You should be very careful about what you post and keep in mind that the defense team is watching everything you do.

6. Don’t Worry Too Much About What Happens If You Lose

It should be noted that lawyers usually only take car accident cases that they believe they can win. And because attorneys advance case costs in car accident lawsuits, they don’t get paid unless they win. So if a lawyer takes your case, they don’t intend to lose an accident lawsuit and that should give you confidence.

Using These Tips for Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Navigating a car accident lawsuit is no easy feat. But by following the tips above and retaining the services of an experienced and reputable car accident attorney, you’ll be able to greatly improve your chances of winning the case. Just remember to make sure that you record everything, all of your documents are accurate, and that you keep your lawyer informed of everything that’s going on.
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