EZTV Everything You Need To Know About It:

If you want to watch a TV series or an episode that you missed, it is, of course, on EZTV that you must go to.
Same thing if you are looking for an old TV series. EZTV is indeed the Torrent site specializing in TV series, old or recent.
And there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for, you still have to know how to do it. That’s why this tutorial is here!

The EZTV Site Or The World Of Tv Series!

A Torrent, What Is It?

Before even starting, I wanted to define for you simply what a torrent is.
Indeed, if you read this tutorial, it means that you do not know yourselves too much, does not it? So I’ll try to keep it simple!
A torrent is a file that is shared among users. This file can be a movie, a serial episode, music, software, etc.

An Anonymous Download, An Essential Precaution

So if you are planning to download torrents, it is best to take some precautions.
One of them is to be discreet on canvas and the best way to do this is through a VPN like Cyberghost, VyprVPN, or Hidemyass. Why? Quite simply because with a VPN, you can change your original IP address.
A VPN more generally allows you to keep your privacy private on the web. And when you know how the canvas is monitored, it’s not a luxury!

Our Guide To Downloading EZTV:

Essential Software:

To download a torrent and be able to enjoy it properly, you will need some software.

The torrent client:

This is the software without it; you can’t download a torrent. As I explained to you, torrents are based on sharing.
But it would help if you had software to go and retrieve all this data from peers. To recompile them and put them together this software is called a “torrent client.”
So today, there are plenty of torrent clients. The most popular but not necessarily the best, is the torrent client created by Bram Cohen, the inventor of P2P.
That is to say, µtorrent there is also BitTorrent. Both depend on the parent company BitTorrent Inc. But other options now exist.
There is, for example, Vuze, Transmission, Bittorent, etc. This type of version is generally designed more specifically for an operating system or has some specific characteristics.

The media player:

And yes, it’s nice to have downloaded a torrent, but it doesn’t help much if you can’t read it. Why can’t you read it? Because your video player does not have the required codecs, cannot play this or that format, etc.
In the world of torrenting, there is everything. But media players, in general, don’t read everything except one, VLC, of course!
This reading software can indeed decrypt almost all formats! So I strongly advise you to download it and then install it on your computer.
You probably have a player installed by default on your device, and your torrent client probably has one built-in as well. But they won’t perform as well as VLC; moreover, VLC is free.


As I already told you, the web is extremely supervised and even more so the sites of torrents. Indeed, copyright protection organizations and other associations of the kind closely monitor the web.
It is, therefore, preferable to take some precautions and to surf discreetly. With Cyberghost, VyprVPN, or Hidemyass, you are finally safe from prying eyes.

Other torrent concepts:

You understand a little better and be aware that a person who downloads is called a leecher. A person, who shares, on the other hand, is called a seeder.
We find this term in the seedbox; fans of torrents very often use this tool. The seedbox is used as an intermediary between the torrent site and the user.
All downloads are made on the seedbox. They are generally left in sharing (to have a good ratio). The user then streams them directly from his seedbox or retrieves them on his computer.

Download To EZTV: User Guide

To download on EZTV, it is ultimately very simple. For example, you want to see the hit HBO series, i.e., “Game of Thrones,” this is how you should go about it.
You can therefore write “game of thrones” in the search bar:
You can also opt to “choose your show” or “select show.”
This option gives more precise results—only the episodes of the series.
You then have all the episodes appearing! The entirety! the seven seasons with all the individual episodes.
And the icing on the cake, on EZTV, all these episodes are arranged in chronological order with a few details, which is therefore much more convenient for downloading.
There are usually two files for each episode. Therefore, a lighter file with poorer image quality and another with better image quality, roughly three times the weight.
You may also see the symbol of a magnet appear. It is a system that allows better decentralization of content; nothing is kept on the site.
This system is, for example, used on The Pirate Bay for the user, it changes absolutely nothing. You can therefore click on this link without fear.
And if you want to download your torrent, that’s what you, need to do! Click on the magnet link, your torrent client takes over. You have to confirm the download and wait. In a few minutes, your entertainment will be available.

Safe Surfing, Don’t Forget Your Vpn!

Why Is A Vpn So Important?

Downloading works protected by copyright is completely illegal. Laws vary from place to place concerning copyright, intellectual property, etc. it all depends on the legislation in force.
Surfing with a VPN and even more downloading with a VPN will allow you to keep your web browsing confidential.
Thanks to the VPN, it’s simple, you can change your IP address. What does it mean? That no one can identify you anymore! You, therefore, surf anonymously.
But that’s not all. You are now surfing on a private network to say all the data coming and going from your computer is encrypted.
Concretely what does that mean? That you no longer risk anything against hackers and other virtual offenders.

Which VPN To Choose?

At first glance, the answer to this question seems rather difficult to give. But in reality, when we look at it more closely, we quickly realize that the answer is rather quickly found.
Indeed, on the one hand, I strongly advise against free VPNs. This type of free service is not reliable and does not offer any guarantees. You think you are protected, but you are not.
Worse, some of these providers even resell your info; on the other hand, there are not many who have proven themselves among the paid VPN providers.
A little research on the subject and you will see it for yourself. But as usual, I will simplify the task for you and therefore offer you three references of the genre: Cyberghost, VyprVPN or Hidemyass,
With these three VPN providers, you won’t have any problems. They offer the best security protocols to choose from. They enjoy a strong reputation and experience.
Offer lots of features, 24/7 support, etc. In short, guarantee your safety on the web without compromising the fluidity of your navigation.
And now, you can test it for yourself thanks to the free trial version they offer.

To Conclude:

There you have it; this tutorial is coming to an end. Normally you have all the relevant information to download to EZTV. I remind you once again that downloading works protected by copyright are not legal in too many countries.