What is RARBG, and how do I unlock it? And how to download torrent with RARBG

RARBG is the perfect site to find torrent files or magnet links. If you want to download RARBG content and surf safely, using a VPN is particularly useful.
Many ask questions about RARBG, especially regarding its reliability and how to unlock it. To learn more, read the complete article.

Presentation of RARBG:

RARBG allows you to download torrent files for free. It offers a simpler download process but offers content of exceptional quality.
For this reason, RARBG is now one of the best torrent sites; it is popular in many countries around the world.
Users are attracted to this site and its other proxy sites.
It was not a problem to find a torrent download site until ISPs or Internet service providers prohibited their customers from accessing it. But what happened? RARBG became the target of authorities when it gained popularity across the world.
The protection of content by copyright has been strengthened. Also, ISPs blocked access to the site to their customers. Despite all this, RARBG had to create different domains, including rarbg.to, rarbg.om, etc.
Now, RARBG seems blocked in many countries, especially in developed countries. The closure of the site is official; however, some users can still access it. To do so, you need to unlock RARBG using the right software.

Is the RARBG website safe?

The answer to an important question everyone wants to know is: is RARBG downloading torrent website safe?
However, the answer to this question is a little bit complicated because we all know that RARBG offers the torrent s and most of them are copyrighted material.
And in some countries, downloading this type of material is a crime, and it might be possible that any torrent file contains malicious content.
However, there is only the way to use it safely is you have to use the tool that will unblock the RARBG but use only that provides you with complete safety.

How To Unlock RARBG:

How to unblock RARBG and download torrent to it safely and with total anonymity? Using a VPN is the ultimate solution to unblock RARBG, knowing that it is blocked in most developed countries.
RARBG and VPN, why? Quite simply because the VPN allows you to hide your real Ip Address. Thus, you freely access the RARBG site bypassing the block if you are in a developed country where it is blocked.
A Virtual Private Network is a software or security application offered online. The latter uses security protocols that encrypt online traffic.
Thus, no third party will read them: hence the connection in complete security and complete anonymity. It should also be noted that the VPN masks your exact location by having different servers distributed in several countries around the world.
Thanks to a VPN, you can have an American IP Address while you are in France, for example.
This software can therefore protect your connection, hide your location and your identity at the same time. VPNs are in high demand these days, and the offers are especially plentiful online.
The offer is different from one VPN provider to another; it is essential to compare to find the best deal. Each VPN differs in the subscription cost, level of protection, number of servers, features, usage, etc.

A good VPN can be summed up in three essential points:

  • It uses security protocols allowing it to create a secure tunnel around traffic. It, therefore, encrypts the traffic to prevent malicious people from gaining access to user data.
  • It changes the user IP address.
  • It retains your data in its servers to not transmit to your ISP before deleting them permanently.

Hiding your real IP address allows you to hide certain information about you, particularly your location, browsing history, ISP information, etc.

How to use RARBG and download torrent?

Small precision: subscribe to a paid VPN and not a free VPN to enjoy complete security during your connections to the Internet and on RARBG for torrent downloads.
On RARBG, you can download various torrents, including video games, movies, music, series, etc. To download, you need a BitTorrent client on your computer.
The choice is wide, but you can use a torrent client like uTorrent, or seedbox. Then go to RARBG to download the torrent you need.
Just follow the full tutorial available on the site. Remember to use a VPN to secure your back and download safely and anonymously on RARBG.

The different stages of downloading torrents with RARBG:

  • Connect to the RARBG site and search for content to download: the site is organized so that it is easy to find content. There are categories and sub-categories. Use the search bar to find content.
  • Go to the content sheet to download before uploading the File: read all the information, including the type of video quality, resolution, file size, etc.
  • Observe the number of seeds and leeches: If you are used to downloading torrents, these two terms are familiar to you.
  • The seeds are the ones who shared the files, and the sponges are the ones who download it. When there are many seeds, the files download faster. When there are more leeches, the file download is slower.
  • Click on “the “Click here to download the torrent button when you have read all the useful information as a Downloader.


When you download torrents, then it is the best way to share content with too many people. However, RARBG is one of the best torrents downloading websites, but it is blocked in some countries due to copyright issues.
You can easily access this website with the help of different VPNs; other than this, you have the opportunity to use its alternative websites.
All the alternatives are easy to use and always provide you everything you want from the torrent downloading websites but always remember using the VPN for protection.