What is 123movies and proxy? Is it legal to use 123movies?

Streaming different types of movies are your hobby then it is the obvious thing that you heard about the 123movies streaming website.
This movie streaming website is very famous because of its vast library of movies and videos that are used by too many people in the whole world.
We all know 123movies is popular, but now it is facing some legal challenges because of copyright, and in some countries, the services of 123movies are blocked, and this thing produced too many 123movies cloned websites.
In 2017 the 123movies were renamed to GoMovies but later in 2018 again changed its name to 123movies.
In 2020, the easiest and safe way to visit the 123movies is to use the proxy website, and the second way is to use the VPNs.
VPNs always provide you with complete protection and hide your IP address; they allow you to anonymously access the website.
All the VPNs use strong encryption types, which will prevent the internet and third parties from showing your identity and preventing you from showing your activity on the internet.
Besides this, too many VPNs always offer you complete protection against malware and provide a safe environment at the time of using it.

How to watch movies on 123movies: the complete guide:

First, you have to select the best and high-speed VPN that provides you with complete protection.
After this, you have to download the software for your smartphone, tablet, or computer; if 123movies is blocked in your country, you can use the NordVPN.
After this, connect the VPN and select the server where the 123movies is not blocked.
That’s it; now you can easily access the 123movies website without any worry.

Is 123movies legal?

If we talk about the legality of the movie streaming websites like 123movies, it depends on the country you live in.
Because every country has its own rules and regulations and also has its copyright infringement.
But according to the different professionals, it is not legal to use a streaming website like 123movies because they possess the other company’s property.

Is 123movies safe for my computer?

There are too many cloned websites in the market, and it is the obvious thing that these cloned websites contain malware and viruses, and this thing harms your computer.
In my recommendations, before going to access the 123movies website, you have to connect to the VPN service that provides you the complete protection.
Does VPN provide you with complete protection at the time of using 123movies?
It is very important to remember that you should use the VPN at the time of accessing 123movies. The VPN provides you with complete protection and improves your computer, smartphone, or tablet security.
Now we will recommend some VPNs, and all of our recommended VPNs provide you with complete protection. When you use the VPN, then third parties can’t see your original identity or activity that you perform on the internet.
Some of the best VPNs are given below.


It is the best option for streaming websites; it provides you with complete protection and safety. You have the opportunity to try the VPN for 30 days with the money-back guarantee.


The servers of this VPN are located in 94 countries, and it is fully compatible with the Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android, so don’t worry; you can use this VPN in any device with complete safety.


If we talk about the servers of the CyberGhost VPN, then these are more than 700 worldwide, and at a time, you have the opportunity to connect to 7 devices.
It provides you with complete security to your identity and your computer from the virus and different malware types.


It comes with the CleanWeb feature; this feature blocks the different types of ads, malware, and viruses.
The other amazing thing about this VPN is that you can connect to unlimited devices at a time, and it offers you the 30 days money-back guarantee.


More than 1200 servers are located worldwide; other than this, it offers you unlimited server switching and unlimited bandwidth.
If you find any difficulty, it provides you with 24/7 customer support and provides you with complete security against third parties and different types of malware and viruses.
It offers you the seven days money-back guarantee; if you don’t like the service, then you can refund within seven days

123movies proxy/mirror and clone or similar websites:

I already mentioned the cloned 123movies, and there are more than 50 cloned presents on the internet, but some are working, and some are not working.
Now we have listed the cloned website that is working in 2020
https://123movies.co/             Very fast
https://gostream.is/                 Very fast
http://123movies.gs                Quick
http://123movies.net/             Normal
http://123-movie.ru                Very fast
http://123movies.to                Quick
http://123movieshd.to            Very fast
http://gomovies.is                   Normal
https://gomovies.com.ru/        Quick
https://gomovies.pet/              Normal
https://gomovies.space/          Very fast
https://gomovies.tech/            Normal
https://123movie.space/          Normal

Final Words:

It is the safest way to watch streaming websites like 123movies or the GoMovies is to use the secure VPN; if you don’t use the VPN, then it might be possible that the hackers and the third party websites can easily view your identity or also view the activity that you performed on the internet.
In this article, we recommend some VPNs, and all these are best and very safe to access the streaming websites that are blocked in your country. But in my recommendation, the NordVPN is one of the best and safest VPN you should try this VPN.
I hope you completely know about the 123movies and how to access this website safely, so if you like this article, then share it with your friends, and also, if you have any questions related to this, you can ask in the comment section.