What is YTS? How to Access the YTS?

YTS is one of the movie downloader platforms which do not charge any amount for downloading. It is the most popular site.
YTS is known as peer to peer and torrent website which provide the downloading of online movies without any yearly charges.
That’s why it got great popularity among other torrent sites. It is found one of the most used torrent websites over the whole year, which results in a greater number of downloads.
Other than this torrent site, the actual YTS website contains web series, game files, TV shows, serials, and a comprehensive movie directory.
Another significant thing is that all of the content found in YTS’ original website is available in several different languages, including Chinese, Indian, Japan, and Korean.
However, YTS provides their service everywhere you can say it served as one-stop entertainment for a long time.
The most raising questions by the number of users are – Either YTS and YIFY are the same torrent sites or not?
Firstly we will discuss YIFY; its founder – Yiftach Swery named this torrent site. This site was also offering free downloading content.
But, later in this torrent website was banned by the instruction of UK authorities. Then Yiftach Swery composes another site which named as yify-torrents.im. It permits their user to get easy access to YIFY.
Later on, he decides to rename that YIFY, so he gives the name to the website as YTS, which stands for YIFY Torrent Solution.
In short, you can say that both YIFY and YTS are the same websites.

YTS fell – Why?

It is not wrong to say that in 2015 YTS earn so much popularity and made his name among many other Bit Torrent websites.
What happened next? Again the same situation was created by UK authorities. MPAA – Motion Picture Association of America has filed an argument against this torrent site to copyright.
Again the name that has been earned by hard work began to drop. But they don’t lose hope and continue their attempt along with various names. That’s why th fans consider this YIFY as another or new site.

YTS Torrent anonymously – Access

Sometimes, YTS torrent becomes not available, as it has various names.
But your wish is right to get access to the YTS torrent because of its quality and entertaining content.
One of the easy and best methods to cope with this situation is YIFY Proxy and Mirrors. But don’t forget that these are only the copy of original sites.
If you use a proxy, then the user will be channelized by this proxy server, and it will ultimately result in aid to get access to the website and protect the ISP of the user.
On the contrary, mirrors are just copies of original sites. Here is the list of some best mirror sites and YTS proxy.

Best YTS proxy sites

YTS Torrent using VPN – Access

If you want to access these mirror sites, you require a VPN, so download it first. After downloading the VPN, you should know how to use it and how it works to access it.
VPN takes the user to a network channel, and it helps to provide you a private IP address. It will protect the user’s original IP address and help reach those sites that are blocked and restricted.
Just like some torrent and YTS websites are blocked in Australia but accessible in other countries.
In this way, the VPN provides great help not to suffer the inaccessible sites. So you have easy access to YTS.
The best suggestion for us to use an authentic and reliable VPN for good results. That’s why you have some best and useful VPN servers. These include:

  • Surfshark VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • ExpressVPN
  • Browse ZenMate
  • Private VPN, etc.

Here you have the best alternative YTS torrent sites you can choose and then enjoy your favorite series, TV shows, movies, and web series.

These 5- best YTS alternative torrent is:


01Torrent is one of the best alternatives to YTS. It contains a wide variety of entertaining content, including TV shows, web series, music files, etc.
Besides this, it is also equipped with various features to provide a good experience. 01Torrent does not ask you to give any registration for content downloading.
You have to tap on the downloading link. Here is your file. This site also updates the content on daily bases. It gives you an experience of free online movie streaming.

The Pirate Bay

Make it simple, as the name explains. It is known as the hub for all kinds of pirated shows and movies. It is one of the well-known platforms.
You can have web series, movies, and TV shows of all genres, either Bollywood or Hollywood.


If you are searching for all in one alternative of YTS Torrent, then isoHunt is the perfect solution. Not only this, but it also offers the user an application installation packages, gaming software, and many more.


Cinisearch is one of the particularly designed YTS alternatives. It provides many TV shows, web series, and games files in many languages and genres. So, if you are a movieholic, then CiniSearch will give you all that you want.


LimeTorrent is one of the most popular and unique streaming websites of YTS alternatives. It is a free downloading and online streaming website.
Besides this all, LimeTorrent allows their user to give reviews on the uploaded content. It gives a community to those who like movies. Here you can find out suggestions from others before installing gaming files and movies downloading.


In this article, I covered almost all aspects of YTS, related VPNs, and proxies. Try the YTS site with alternatives and proxies.
Hopefully, you get everything. If you found anything, then ask us in the comment section.