Building a Fan Base on Social Media: A Quick How-To Guide

Successful social media influencers can make upwards of $100,000 each year by creating content that their large following loves and lives by.
The life seems pretty cushy with sponsored brand deals, working from anywhere, and getting paid to lounge on the beach with other celebs while some photographs snap photos.
But the question remains, how do influencers build a large enough fan base?
Keep reading for a quick guide to building a fan base on social media.

Be Active

One of the most important elements of creating a fanbase on social media is to be active on all of your social channels. This means that you’re spending hours every day engaging with your audience and with new people to try and get new followers. 
This isn’t really something you can do while watching TV because you need to be reading captions and posting quality comments to engage with potential new followers.

Be Consistent

Across all of your social media channels, you need to be consistent. If you’re writing about travel on Instagram and Xbox gaming on Youtube, it’s going to be very difficult to build up a following that spans across multiple channels. Stick to one subject of content and if you want to branch off into something unrelated, make a new account first. 
You should also be consistent with the look of the content that you post. Your Instagram post size and editing style should be the same day to day and should match what you post on Twitter and Facebook too.

Post Frequently

In addition to consistently being active with your followers, you should also be posting frequently across your platforms. You should have a structured timeline of when you will post so that your followers know what to expect. 
Don’t post every day for a week and then skip a month. Try and post at least once a week and at a consistent time. 

Use Your Analytics

Every social media platform, whether it’s Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, comes with different analytics software so that you can tell who your audience is and when they’re most active. Use this information to create content that’s targeted towards your followers and be sure to post when they’re most active. 

Be Real

At one point, social media was all about posting only the best parts of our lives, and while for most Instagram users this is true, it’s not the case for full-time Instagrammers with huge social media followings. Your followers want to know what you do every day, even if it’s not what you would consider the most exciting. 
Having a bad day? Talk about it on your Instagram stories. Being real with your followers invites the chance for genuine connection which in turn creates a more dedicated and connected following. 

Start Building a Fan Base Today

The best way to start building a fan base it to start posting and connecting with followers! There’s no better time than right now, so pull out that phone and start posting, liking, and commenting.
If you want to learn more about the amazing powers of social media, keep reading to discover them!