Car Questions: How Do You Charge an RC Car Battery?

Did you know that the fastest remote control (RC) car in the world can reach more than 100mph? This crazy RC car indicates just how serious enthusiasts take their model cars. 
If you are an RC car owner, you no doubt take great care of your machine. You will keep it clean and primed ready for the next outing or race. 
How do you maintain your RC Car Battery? How do you charge it? Why not take a minute to find out how to take the best care of your RC car battery in our article below. 

1. Thoroughly Check Your Battery

First, you should check the condition of your battery. If you use your RC car in offroad conditions, you should check that the battery is clean and undamaged. 
If this is the first time you are charging the battery you will need to determine whether you have a Lipo battery or other type before attempting to charge.

2. Prepare Your Charger

Since many RC battery charger units lack an “On” switch, they will begin charging as soon as you insert the cable. This means that you have to be sure of its compatibility before you start the process. 
Check with your cable and charger documentation to ensure that you are connecting compatible hardware. 

3. Connect Your Charging Lead

After you are convinced that the lead and charger are compatible, you are ready to connect. 
First, ensure that you choose the correct polarity. This is generally easily identifiable by color ie. red to red. If your cable type includes a bare male connector (ie. deans plug), then ensure that it is protected by electrical tape to avoid shorting. 

4. Select Your Battery Type

If your charger has a digital readout, you will need to select your battery type from there. If you are using an advanced charger, then there will be a large number of battery types to choose from.

5. Charge Your Battery

Finally, when your hardware and software are configured, you are ready to start charging. 
After charging has begun, you will be able to monitor its progress via the digital readout including details of voltage input, charge mode, and elapsed time. 
At this point, if you have made any mistakes in the previous steps, you will be able to see that the device is not charging. You can then review the last steps to see what went wrong where. 

Changing an RC Car Battery and Much More

If you are an RC car owner, you likely know how to maintain and care for every part in the car. Regularly maintaining the RC Car Battery will mean that it is fully powered and ready to go whenever you need it to. 
If model cars and lifestyle subjects are on your list of things to learn more about, then we are here to help you. We leverage our experience to bring valuable information on these topics to our readership. Why not take a few minutes to check out our other blog articles to find out more.