How To Change Your iOS GPS Location?

In this modern era, GPS is one of the well-known and emerging technologies. It is significant and indeed valuable in the case of travelling and navigation. 
On the other hand, there will occur some changes when there comes some popular or new geo-location-based games and applications like Brightkite, Wizard Unite, Pokemon, and Yubo. You may face many hurdles. 
Besides this all, there rise some emerging issues when you take into account the usage of these kinds of games and apps. You may want to win certain types of awards for the continuation of AR games. 
But don’t worry; you can have a solution in the form of iOS GPS Spoofing which you may require.
You may hear about it before, that it is a tricky thing to have fake GPS location mainly in the case of iPad and iPhone. Yes, it is a little bit. So, you must know the better toolkit which gives you more efficient results in half of the work. 
However, now you will know how Spoofing works in your iOS to get a faking location on iPhone anywhere. It will significantly help you to get out of the issues that you are recently facing and bothering you. 
iOS GPS spoofing By Dr.fone Virtual Location Features:
Follow all the given below steps for the appropriate use of Dr.fone for faking location on the iPhone. Let’s start with step by step:
1- How to teleport anywhere globally
2- Less than three spots to simulate along the route
3- Multiple locations to simulate with the route
How to Teleport Anywhere Globally?
Firstly, you have to download an app of Dr.fone for iOS GPS spoofing on the computer or laptop. After completion of the installation process, tap on the option “Virtual Location”. 

Now connect your iPad or iPhone to that laptop, and here you get a pop-up option “Get Started” click it. 
Now in the map window, find out your current location. You will get the “Center On” icon, refresh it by clicking and update the position on your device for iOS GPS spoofing
On the upper right corner, you will found teleport mode on the window, to use this mode click on it. In the searching field, you have to put your target address and then press the displayed option “Go”.
Just like, you put Rome as a faking location on the iPhone. After this, your iOS will show you the target address. Now Rome will be pop-up in the window. Click on the option “Move Here”. 
Now see, here is your iOS GPS spoofing fixed as Rome, Italy. It does not matter either you move to any other place or update your GPS location in iOS; the selected address now will not change. 
Two spots to simulate along the route:
This step is quite helpful in iOS GPS spoofing as a faking location on iPhone between two defaulting spots. 

So, you have to click on the first option present on the upside right corner “One-stop mode”. Now on the map, choose the destination spot. Find the distance in the pop-up window. 
At the bottom, drag the slider to choose a suitable speed. After this, tap on “Move here”. A new window will open and request you to put a number which shows how many times you want to back and forth between 2 spots.
  Then click the option “March” which initiates iOS GPS spoofing with the route. Now check out the location on your device and see that it moves with your fake site on the iPhone. 
Multiple spots to simulate with the route:
For more requirements, Dr.fone has the support you to set many spots to complete the iOS GPS spoofing. 

Now select the second option in the right corner for the activation of “Multi-Stop mode”. 
It will be useful to choose one of the routes to keep yourself away from the developers of the game that may suspect you and analyze that you are cheating and may your account have been blocked.