How Fashion Nova Shot to Fame By Using the Influencer Strategy

In the world of fashion, Fashion Nova is a hot topic and a name that only seems to be growing in popularity. Founded in 2006 by Richard Saghian at its headquarters in Los Angeles, Fashion Nova has seen its popularity rapidly increase over the past decade. The success of the company can be attributed to their unique business model; a combination of on-trend, fast fashion at affordable prices, endorsed and popularised by using the influencer strategy. With only a handful of brick-and-mortar stores, Fashion Nova delivers the majority of its sales from its online store, driven by an influencer based marketing style largely performed through social media platforms such as Instagram.

The majority of Fashion Nova’s marketing is done through its Instagram account, which features images of its influencers wearing the label. Currently sitting at 18.6m followers, Fashion Nova’s Instagram account is frequently updated, around every half hour. This creates a sort of psychological time-pressure that proves the point Fashion Nova makes; they are the place to be if you want to stay up to date. Fashion Nova will provide free products to its influencers, whom it calls Nova Babes, in exchange for a post the brand will then feature. This enables Fashion Nova’s content-heavy style of marketing and gives its products the credibility of influencer approval, which in turn exposes the influencers to Fashion Nova’s massive following.

Another attribute that sets Fashion Nova apart is its customer-driven approach, personalising the shopping experience even without the element of customer service usually provided at a physical store. Fashion Nova actively engages with its customers by encouraging them to upload selfies of their outfits by the label to Instagram, which the brand will then like and comment on. By doing this Fashion Nova can also source its pool of influencers, who will often be happy to collaborate in exchange for their image being shared. This kind of customer-centric marketing makes customers feel seen, proving the label understands both the image consciousness of its customers and their desire for quality, affordable, contemporary products.

Part of the reason these methods works so well is because they aren’t just selling a product. The customer isn’t buying the little black dress. They’re buying the Friday night out look of the moment, authorised by Kylie Jenner. This kind of sales technique is reflective of a truth all good marketers are aware of; customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems and to fulfill their visions. If you’re able to create a narrative they star in, you are speaking directly to your customers on an individual basis, no matter how many millions of views your advert may receive. The images presented in the Instagram setting serve as a blank canvass the customer can project themselves onto, a highly lucrative sales technique. Buying the product then becomes wish fulfilment, a powerful motivator to click ‘add to cart.’

In contrast to the traditional method of showing off new pieces through catwalks and fashion shows, the use of Instagram influencers provides all the same results in a fraction of the time required. In a rapidly changing and speed-oriented world, the timeliness of both customer service and marketing is critical. Fashion Nova gives its customers what they want, and it does it fast, which is the hallmark of a successful modern business. By its use of celebrity endorsement, Fashion Nova is also able to ride the wave of prestige provided by other brands celebrities often wear in combination; an image of a $30 Fashion Nova dress paired with a Chanel bag and Jimmy Choo heels furthers the catwalk appeal for a fraction of the price.

Fashion Nova keeps its prices competitively low, with most pieces sitting under the $50 USD mark. Combining low prices with celebrity endorsement seems to be the winning factor; customers do not need to part with too much cash, and yet they can emulate the style of their favourite personalities, boost their Instagram following, and keep their closet up to date. It negates the shame factor of shopping with a budget, by introducing the allure of a stamp of approval from influential figures such as Kylie Jenner or Cardi B. It also allows customers to keep up with the fast-paced changes within the fashion industry without blowing the bank.

Nowadays, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online entertainment Fashion Nova provides has become even more pertinent. Where customers all around the world are stuck at home to varying degrees, in lockdown, working from home, or socially distancing; whatever their situation, it is likely they have more time on their hands. Popularised posts on the internet joke about indulging in retail therapy, as online orders jump through the roof amidst COVID-19 induced lockdowns. Social gatherings may be limited currently, but Fashion Nova helps customers forget this, providing them with the perfect platform to plan their ideal post-lockdown look and live vicariously through influencers.

Fashion Nova’s influencer-driven business model has proven to be a recipe for success. A winning combination of targeted social media postings, celebrity endorsement, and affordable prices has made Fashion Nova a household name with great influence over the growing media-based fashion industry. In a world where everything has suddenly shifted online in what seemed like an overnight change, Fashion Nova has kept its finger on the pulse. Without having to rely upon physically attended events such as fashion shows, Fashion Nova continues to be able to get the message out to its consumers in all of the same ways it did before, an obvious advantage moving into the future.