Four Reasons Why You Should Study Coding

Coding has become an essential part of our life whether we do it or not. From smartphones to computers, from smart devices to IoT devices, from data analytics to big data, everything is surrounded by code. So it is our choice to start coding or get coded. 
The technology is moving faster and most of the development is based on coding. It has become the future mantra. From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, all the famous entrepreneurs think that coding is an essential skill to learn. It’s easier now than thirty years ago because you can get programming homework help and guidance on the internet or from private tutors. 
Coding will be a skill of the future to ensure social mobility and economic opportunity for individuals. Let us have a look at the four reasons why everyone should study coding. 

The job of the Future: 

With a lot of processes being automated it is predicted that AI robots will take place of around 800 million humans by 2030. Major and established companies such as Amazon have already tested a driverless car. There are different software already in place that have replaced humans in the low skilled service industry. 
All of this will result in many humans being replaced by machines in the future but to have that many machines developed needs a tech-savvy workforce. So where jobs are being eliminated by these machines, there will be opportunities for the ones who have essential skills. 
Coding is the only method to develop that huge number of machines, so if you study coding and learn it properly you will have a role to play in the future. 

Trains Your Mind to Think Efficiently: 

Coding is the same as the language we speak or write, but it is only for computers to understand and act accordingly. It has its own syntax that includes grammar, punctuation, and rules. A small error can change the meaning of the whole code. The advanced software has millions of lines of code. Facebook has a code of around 62 million lines. 
The method and procedure to write such a long code are to break into smaller projects. These smaller projects are then divided into subtasks. All of this requires a methodical and logical approach to plan, solve a problem, and troubleshoot if required. It allows your mind to think efficiently and work accordingly. 

Self Sufficient: 

Having a great idea and implementing it are two different things. Implementation requires the technical skills to convert an idea into life. Being a coder you have the opportunity to do both yourself. If you have an idea, you don’t need to go to someone else to write code for the idea to make it a reality. 
You can do all this on your own. So being self-sufficient in the future is another reason that you need to study code. 

Open the New Doors in Your Career: 

With experience in coding, you have the opportunity to complete different and interesting tasks. It allows you to move around different areas of the IT industry instead of keeping you on one job to do all the time. 
Other than software development, you, as a coder, can excel in computer programming, database administration, and systems engineering.