List of things non-allowable. What not to pack?

You’re fully ready and geared towards your shifting day. You have listed down, plan out your packing, and labeled all your boxes accordingly. But now you’re thinking, “What not to pack?”
It is a very crucial question, and it also requires due consideration. Every item you own holds immense importance to us, and you cannot just leave it behind. It is essential to understand that everything can not be packed and moved by the movers. There are things that you have to move entirely by yourselves, for example, a pet we own or a sentimental jewelry accessory. And some items must be disposed of altogether, for example, perishable items, hazardous materials, or some plants.
There is a list of non-allowable items that we must consider before we move. It will make your move much more organized, and you wouldn’t have to stress on the last day about the things you can not pack or the things you can’t move.
We’ll be highlighting those items below so that you can plan everything and make your move go more smoothly. The list of non-movable things are as follows:

Hazardous and dangerous items

Dangerous and hazardous items must not be packed or even carried on your own in some cases. Since with heat variations, you cannot be sure, and you might risk your own life.
Moreover, some of these hazardous items are even explosive, and they can become a cause of fire in your luggage. So it’s better to either completely dispose of these items or give them away to a neighbor or any other person who might find it useful.

Some of these materials are:

  • Nail polish removers
  • Paints
  • Fertilizers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Aerosols
  • Matchboxes
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Liquid bleach

Perishable Items

Perishable items usually include food and other materials like plants that can easily be decomposed and damaged. They can also attract pests or rats and damage your belongings.
Most of the companies usually don’t carry perishable items. Similarly, some of these items, like meat and eggs, are something that you can not carry on your either if your moving takes more than 24 hours. So it’s better to remove all the food items from your fridge and deep freezers beforehand.
Moreover, if the quantity of your food items is not much and you plan on eating on the move, then you can cook these items and take them for yourself. However, if you have these items in a large quantity, you can give them away in charity, your neighbor, or a friend.
Plants can easily be damaged, so movers usually don’t carry them. Further, if you have to take them on your own, you have to be extra careful. Because they can easily break, create a lot of mess and even damage your other belongings.
Therefore, it’s better to give those plants a gift to your friend who lives nearby.

Personal or Sentimental Items

Personal and sentimental items like your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, family jewelry, and essential documents are difficult to replace. And in some cases, like family jewelry, they are irreplaceable.
They hold immense importance and must not be packed with the other luggage. Most of the moving companies don’t move such items.
Further, personal items like phones and laptops must be carried on your own as it’s safer. However, if you feel you may lose your jewelry and laptop during the move, it’s better to leave them with a trusted friend. You can take it from him/her once you have shifted to your new home.
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