The best solution for the citizens’ life

Conflicts, clashes, murders, wars, and crises, were we born to suffer for our entire lives?
Half of the world is fighting a war. Since 9/11, over 800 0000 people have been killed in wars involving only the US around the world. Only Afghanistan suffered 157,000 casualties in these clashes, where the death toll in Iraq is much higher, recorded at 308 000.
This is one of the countless problems that we are facing. The other big threat to humanity is hunger. Do you know, every year, around 9 million, I say 9 million people die of hunger and starvation. It is surprising. I mean, we’re spending $1917 billion on the military but can not feed these people and save them from starving to death.
Illiteracy is another major crisis of this age. There are 260 million children around the world who don’t go to school. In a decade, 825 million people that make half of the world’s young population will not have even the basic skills that are crucial for living. It’s pathetic that the future of the world is at stake, and we take pride in our nuclear and military strengths?
To protect these precious lives and lead the world out of the chaos caused by politics and politicians, it is time we raise our voices and struggle for the future that promises protection and food to every single person on this Earth.
Knowing how mean our leaders are, we can expect no good from them. So. it is time, we, the common people, come together and join hands to bring the change.
This world will see relief and find happiness when power will be transferred to people from politicians, and there is only one way to achieve this dream. #NoBordersNoPoltics.
Yes, we need to embrace this reality that No Borders and No Politics is the only solution to our centuries-long problems. People are dying, and these politicians do not have time to listen to the miseries of the people. All they care about is their comfort and luxury and can fall to any level to accomplish their desires.
It is time we take the charge. It is time we become the hope of the world—the hope of the people who are beaten by the hardships of life gifted by these politicians.
How will we take the lead?
Why we keep forgetting that this is the 21st century, man is conquering space, and we are afraid of thinking about how we will get rid of these political goons? is our weapon in the war waged against the cruel. 1bfollowers. com will empower us to make our decision through the mutual consent of the public, and this should be the norm because we are the ones who are most affected by the national policies.
When borders will be removed, and this deceiving politics would see its fall, the world would rise to unprecedented levels of prosperity. Everyone will have plenty of food. Two hundred sixty million children will return to school. Peace will flourish; we will flourish.
But, to make the world see its fortune, we ought to believe in #NoBordersNoPolitics, we ought to believe in