How to Plan an Affordable Disney World Vacation Using Points

Looking forward to your next Disney World Vacation?

Disney World is one magical place for everyone, young and old. With a lot of resorts and theme parks to choose from, each one provides a great experience. Having one near your location makes it even more attractive and wonderful.

One thing to note about this is that it can also punch a hole in your wallet. On average, it would cost you about $4,641 if you also include the other factors outside the tickets. You cannot go through this plan unprepared without amassing enough for the vacation trip.

Although there is a way for you to go there with a more budget-friendly approach, in this case, it will have you use points and other ways to slash the costs down and make it easier to leverage. Read on to learn how you can save money on your next trip.

Buy Tickets Beforehand

One of the first few steps to take when prepping for a Disney World vacation is to get the tickets beforehand. When you look at the ticket prices, they tend to drop off when you have a longer stay in the resort. For example, a single-day pass would cost as much as $109 per person, but it drops to $83 when you go for a five-day stay.

Another handy tip that you should take advantage of is to buy the tickets right away, especially if you plan to head to Disney World within the year.

Don’t wait to buy as the fees tend to rack up every year. This saves you time and the unnecessary hassle compared to buying last-minute.

Use Your Airline Miles

If you plan to go to Disney World and you happen to be from a different state, you would need to book a flight. If you do, take advantage of your airline miles and see if you can book a free flight with it. Otherwise, make sure it shaves off enough that you pay the airfare at a low amount.

Make sure to get flights that do not eat up a lot of your miles. For better effect, you can combine this with low airfares. You can check out airlines like Southwest or JetBlue that have affordable flights. For instance, Southwest has a low fare calendar where you can choose dates where fares are the lowest to book a cheap flight.

Hotels Near the Area

Going to a Disney World Resort also means going for their accommodations available. It gets even better since being within the property allows for both ease of access to the other attractions within the area.

You can also rent some Disney Vacation Club points that would help you with your stay within Disney World resorts, for instance, inside Disney Polynesian. For this particular location, you have access to locations like Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

This should give you save up using timeshare points. While this method may require some research as it can be pretty strict, it provides you with an affordable place to stay for your Disney World vacation.

The other alternative that you can go for would be to check out the other hotels within the area. The best option at this point would be to go for Airbnb for an affordable alternative. This way, you have nearby locations with great rooms to stay in.

Should You Take Park Hoppers?

You might have encountered Park Hopper tickets for Disney World. While it sounds attractive as to how you can go from one park to another, you may have second thoughts on the idea. After all, it is an add-on to your tickets, and you may not be sure how you can maximize it.

On one end, older kids and adults without kids would enjoy this perk to go from one park to another. On the other end, it is non-essential, and you can still enjoy your stay without it.

If you plan to save up, you can skip this add-on without issue.

Annual Passes

Another thing that you can use is the Disney Annual Pass. This can help you save up for you and your family if you plan to go to Disney World for a long time or if you plan to take more than one trip within the year.

This is important as single-day park tickets are more expensive than ever nowadays. The immediate advantage you get from this is that it covers the admission cost for the pass holder. However, the benefits do not stop there.

The other advantage that you get with the Disney Annual Pass is that you also get discounts within the resort. Such as dining and resort stays, as well as purchases and more. It should help you cut down the expenses.

Note the Best Times to Go

Of course, you have to nail the timing in going for a Disney World vacation with the family. It becomes a problem when you go there, and you have to struggle with the crowd and the ticket prices. The main strategy here is to go during non-peak times, but here is how you would nail that right.

First, the peak times for visitors to go to Disney World are during the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer Break, you name it. Expect heavy traffic in terms of guests during this time.

Your best bet here is to go during the lull times in between. This means lesser people and cheaper tickets.

For instance, between Halloween and Christmas, it’d be best to go to Disney World around November. As long as you go here before the Thanksgiving season, you have a quieter park with lesser people.

Plan Your Disney World Vacation Well

Once you find a way to make your Disney World vacation affordable, the last thing you need is to plan where you want to go. But that is another thing to plan out when all the logistics and math are out.

Do you want more money-saving tips for your next trip to Disney World? There are more ways for you to save your finances in the park. Check out more of our blogs and guides to learn more today!