Entrepreneur Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi Plans To Modernize The Brazilian Real Estate Industry

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in Brazil showed signs of life in 2018 after several years of an ugly recession. In 2018, GDP growth was 1.1%. In 2019, economic growth stayed on the plus side thanks to the construction and real estate sectors of the economy. Plus, low inflation and interest rates also help keep the economy moving in the right direction.


Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi, the founder and CEO of Sial Engineering, still plays an essential role in the development, construction, and expansion of Brazil’s real estate infrastructure. Mr. Arnaldi has 30 years of experience in the construction and real estate sectors. Many of his completed projects were government-back development projects in several Brazilian municipalities. Edenilso’s leadership skills and his unending team support, as well as the financial support he supplies for new housing developments, gives him bragging rights when people ask him what he does.


Fifty-eight-year-old Arnaldi spent his childhood in Paranavai. His grandfather owned the first market and ice cream shop in his small city, so he learned the value of supporting his community at an early age. Edenilso worked a Banco Bradesco after completing his school studies. He met his wife at the bank, and they married in 1987.


Arnaldi left the bank in the late 1980s and went to work for an engineering and construction company. He realized construction, engineering, and real estate were his passions. In 1990, he started to visualize what it would be like to own a construction and engineering company. And in 1991, Mr. Arnaldi started Sial Engineering. He also founded Massapê Construction and Laguardia Empreendimentos in order to modernize Brazil’s real estate industry.



In 2003, he became president of the Paraná State Chamber of Civil Construction. That position gave him the practical knowledge he needed in the civil construction sector. In 2012, Edenilso served as treasurer of the Social Democratic Party.

Mr. Arnaldi’s reputation as a credible real estate and construction entrepreneur continued to grow thanks to his focus on quality and the well-being of his employees, He also developed important relationships with several real estate leaders, and he gained the confidence of elected government and community officials.


Sial Engineering is a major player in Brazil’s real estate boom. Commercial real estate prices dropped by more than 2% in 2019, but Arnaldi expects prices to bounce back, especially in São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio de Janeiro. Sial Engineering plays an important role in the expansion of those Brazilian states.


A good example of how immersed Arnaldi is in Brazil’s economic growth is his decision to play a role in São Paulo’s “Ocupa Rua” which helps the bars and restaurants in the city reopen after closing due to COVID-19. The plan is to convert streets, sidewalks, and parking spaces into outdoor dining areas for the city’s restaurants and bars. Edenilso told the press Ocupa Rua will also include establishments on the outskirts of São Paulo. If the project succeeds, other cities can adopt a similar program, according to Arnaldi.