How to choose a Good Eye clinic in India?


The eye becomes weaker with age. As age progresses, individuals start facing vision problems such as cataract. Therefore, it becomes necessary that one goes for proper eye checkup and for this it’s necessary to find a suitable and experienced doctor with a well- equipped clinic escorted by the latest technologies.

But how to find the best eye clinic in India, right? To find the best eye clinic in India, keep on reading to find out  which factors  can help you find the right eye clinic in India.

Type of Eye Doctor

Firstly, you should know  the type of doctor you need. You should see an Optometrist if you need contacts or specs to improve vision.Optometrist will identify the power of your eye and provide you with suitable glasses or contacts  along with eye drops and medications.

You should see an Ophthalmologist, if you have serious eye conditions such as cataract or retina issues. Ophthalmologist is a specialist doctor who performs eye surgery depending on the eye conditions of the patient.You can find eye surgeons in India who are expertise and have relevant skills in the field of eye surgery.

Ask for Recommendation

When looking for the best eye clinic, always consider asking your near ones or friends for recommendations. One should know about the doctor’s experience and reputation before you visit him. Your neighbours or family relatives might also help you to find the suitable eye clinic. Get proper information about the doctor before you consult them.

Go through patient’s feedback and testimonials-

One should do a thorough online research about the doctor/clinic and read online reviews/feedback and testimonials before stepping foot into any eye clinic.Testimonials guarantee that a particular surgeon is good in treating patients or not.

Patient’s feedback or testimonials will give you direct insight into what is working well and what needs further improvement.Testimonials/feedback can be on their website, social media..One must check every platform and once you’re assured that testimonials are real, you can book an appointment.

Know your Needs-

You should be clear about your needs.Choice of eye doctor depends on the type of issues you have.If you need a doctor for your child’s vision,find someone who has more expertise in dealing with child patients. Also, take into consideration the location of the place and how much time will be needed to reach there.Someone looking for an eye doctor near his/her house, will have to search accordingly.

Doctor’s Certification and Recognition-

You cannot really compromise when it comes to choosing the best doctor for eye care. It’s a must to have a surgeon who is committed towards the treatment so the procedure goes smoothly. Check ophthalmologist has received any accreditation or awards which proves that he or she is the right doctor.

Go for doctors who are certified which  you can confirm from online resources or from other patients. It is best to look into previous patient’s reviews before you make an appointment.

Instruments and Facilities-

Ophthalmology has witnessed rapid advancements in advanced instrumentation which has brought great precision. Ensure that an eye clinic has all the amenities and their staff members are good and kind.

One must see whether they can accommodate patients in terms of rooms, inpatient rooms, provide meals for the attendant, etc.Check if they have a dark room for patients post-surgery. Go to the eye clinic which provides the best infrastructure facilities including manpower.

Money Matters

Research if they accept insurance. Check the type of healthcare plans they accept.

The best eye clinics usually have accreditation covering a wide range of insurance companies which helps in planning your treatment with ease. Some also accept payments online for the convenience of their patients.


One’s goal in selecting the clinic lies in the fact that whether or not you’re in the safe hands. You must take into consideration that surgeons must have good experience in their respective fields. Doctors and staff should understand your requirement and act upon it. This will provide long-term satisfaction and a peace of mind that you’re in the right hands.