What is the State of Housing in Chicago in 2020?

The first thing the consumer must understand about the Chicago housing and rental market is that things fluctuate on a consistent basis. Despite this, there is one thing that doesn’t change and that’s the seasonal impact on rent prices. Chicago is a dynamic environment that can be stressful without the correct lens to view it through. Most of the migration in Chicago happens during the summer months, and when it happens we see the prices increase. This year alone the city has added around 4400 new apartments to fill However, this doesn’t mean you can easily find a great deal on a brand-new apartment as the process proves to be trickier than desired.

Take action this season for lower pricing!

One smart goal would be to try and have your lease expire at the end of winter to save some money for the future. There are remarkable advantages to considering the weather in the city of Chicago when undertaking renting endeavors. Even with this advantage comes with it a difficult task of finding the right place for you. There will always be pitfalls in the market where you end up paying more for lesser quality. The south loop of Chicago has shown promise in 2020 and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it for 2021 for potential renting possibilities. A prospective buyer can find some amazing deals on the south loop and secure them for the betterment of their families as well. They offer convenience and value for people along with the possibilities of the west loop of Chicago for the future renters. Although, expect to pay much more on the red-hot area of the west loop as you have access to all the exciting action here.

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To mitigate these factors it would be wise to choose a property management company you can trust. Beal Properties has been in operation for over 30 years in Chicago and has a reputable brand that has hooked people up with quality living conditions for affordable pricing throughout the Chicago area. They are actively engaged in serving the residential population of the city and are dedicated to producing quality results and make a difference in the lives of those they serve on a daily basis. It’s common for the needs of residents to increase and grow over time and this isn’t lost on Beal Properties. They are engaged with their local community and listen to what they say about their experience.

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When you consult with Beal Properties you take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow, and they will personalize the experience so you get an outlook of what you will be paying for. They encourage growth and development of the Chicago area through consumer based practices that have the betterment of tenants in mind. They are fair and attentive in their dealings and provide customer support throughout the entire experience. Beal Properties are a proven company who takes pride in philanthropy work around the community, and have great empathy for those they serve during these trying times.