Hair Fall PRP Injections And Its Cost In Delhi

The use of one’s own plasma to stimulate hair growth is fairly a new technique as compared to hair transplantation. This technique has been adopted by hospitals and clinics in Delhi much later than hair transplantation. Similar to hair transplantation, hair fall PRP therapy has also emerged as a popular alternative for curing thinning hair and baldness.

What is Hair Fall PRP therapy?

The hair fall PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy is a non-surgical treatment option to treat the problem of hair loss and thinning hair. First, let’s understand the concept of platelets. These are fragments of cells that contain growth factors essential for healing as well as stimulation of cell growth. Therefore, the platelets drawn from an individual’s own blood can encourage the growth of hair follicles when injected on the scalp by repairing damaged blood vessels.

The hair fall PRP therapy majorly includes the following four steps-

  • Collecting blood sample- This is the first step of the procedure. The doctor extracts 20 ml of blood samples.
  • Separating the platelets- Using the technique of centrifugation, the doctors separate the platelets from the extracted blood. This also stimulates the growth factors in the platelets.
  • Extracting and activating of PRP- The extracted platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells are separated and activated with some activating agent.
  • Injecting the PRP- This is the final step in which the doctor injects the separated PRP into the scalp with microneedles. Prior to the procedure, the doctor numbs the scalp with local anesthesia.

What is the success rate of hair fall therapy in India?

It is important to mention here that hair fall therapy is not a standalone treatment. The doctor recommends particular medicines and other topical treatments along with the injection to boost up the results of the therapy. It is necessary because research conducted in Delhi shows that 70% of patients achieved excellent results within a few months of the completion of the therapy.

In a 2019 study, researchers observed the effectiveness of PRP therapy as a treatment option for 262 patients suffering from androgenic alopecia. The findings from the research paper indicated that the PRP injections cured hair loss and improved hair density.

Another 2019 study analyzed the results of 19 research papers that were based on the effectiveness of PRP as a hair loss therapy. After a thorough observation and analysis, they acknowledged that the PRP therapy is an effective option that can stimulate hair regrowth for people suffering from baldness due to alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia.

Factors that decide the cost of hair fall PRP Injections

There are some factors that affect the actual expense of hair fall PRP therapy in Delhi. Hence, there is a price range for hair fall therapy rather than an exact cost. The final cost is decided only after proper consultation with a well-experienced doctor. Primarily, the following factors are taken into consideration while deciding the actual cost of hair fall therapy.

  • Condition of the scalp- Depending on the present condition of the scalp checked by the hair surgeon, the final cost is decided. For instance, if a patient suffers from the last stage of baldness according to the Norwood scale, the cost is likely to be on the higher end.
  • Number of PRP injections required- On the basis of the extent of baldness diagnosed by the surgeon, the actual number of PRP injections required for hair stimulation is decided. A high degree of baldness requires a number of sittings to inject the plasma which can increase the total cost.
  • Experience and skills of the surgeon- A well-experienced surgeon with a high track record of completing therapy procedures successfully are likely to charge more for the consultation as well as a surgeon than someone who is new to this field and hence, lacks the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Facilities offered within the quoted amount- Some super-specialty hospitals and clinics in India offer several additional benefits to the patient but they add the cost of these additional facilities on the final bill. However, there are several clinics in Delhi and other cities offer these benefits without charging any extra penny.
  • Financial options- Ask the clinic the various financing options for the procedure they offer which can be beneficial to you.
  • Location of the clinic- Take into consideration the geographic location of the clinic or hospital as it can help get an idea of the transportation expense which ultimately affects the total cost of the therapy. Evidently, there are other clinics similar to Pristyn Care where they arrange for free pick-up and drop facilities.
  • Addition of nutritive components- In case the individual suffers from severe stages of baldness that requires multiple numbers of injections, the surgeons add some nutritive as well as preservative components that can make the therapy expensive.
  • Type of infrastructure at the clinic- Super-specialty clinics of hospitals are equipped with sophisticated infrastructure that requires continuous maintenance. Hence, they can add some extra maintenance that increases the final cost.

Cost of hair fall PRP therapy in Delhi and other cities

Here is the table explaining the approximate cost of hair fall therapy in Delhi and the other cities in India. This table should be used only for reference purposes. The following prices are mentioned solely for reference purposes and should not be treated as actual cost. In order to know the actual cost of liposuction, it is necessary to contact the hospital staff who can explain in detail the actual expense of the procedure.

City Minimum Price (in INR) Maximum Price (in INR) Average Price (in INR)
New Delhi 1000 15000 9333
Bangalore 3000 50000 13167
Chennai 800 150000 30633
Kolkata 2000 24000 11800
Hyderabad 2000 20000 11286
Mumbai 3000 18000 9672
Pune 1750 7000 3883
Vizag 4700 11500 7600
Kochi 5000 12000 8500


The cost of hair fall PRP therapy is dependent on a couple of factors. Depending on the experience of the surgeon, type of equipment used, and other additional factors, the hospital quotes the actual expense. In some hospitals, the anesthesia fees and hospitalization charges can be added separately.  It is best to get in touch with your nearest clinic or hospital to know the exact amount.