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7 Tips on Building the Best Gaming Setups at Home

Who wouldn’t want to game all day and night? Well, once work or study finishes you actually can, and you can do it in style while on a budget. Gamers all around the world are building amazing setups for less, so why can’t you?

We have collected the best tips for creating your own gaming rig. Read on to find our 7 hints on building the best gaming setups.

1. Get the Chair Right

Your new set up begins and ends with the chair. You are going to be spending a lot of time sitting in this, probably in one position for a long period of time. It is important it is comfortable and fits your body shape.

Most gaming chair options are expensive, and seating may not have the appeal that graphics cards and speakers do. In fact, gaming chairs may not always be your best call. They can sometimes be dubiously built, so if you can not find one that fits get down to your local furniture or office store and find your perfect seat.

Not getting this correct could lead to back and neck pain. It can also cause the development of sores and blisters if seams and lining cut into you. Take the time to try a few models out, or if ordering online make sure they have a good returns policy.

2. Sort the Sound

For a truly immersive gaming experience, you really need to think about sound. Avoid anything with built-in speakers, as they do not offer the same quality or control are external ones. Instead, make the choice between high-quality headphones or a speaker system.

If you are working on team games and need to talk with your friends, then choose headphones. Make sure they have a built-in mic and are sound canceling. This means they will block out other noises in your environment, so you can only hear the crystal clear sound from your game.

If you opt for speakers, then you have the versatility to use them to watch movies and other media. You will need to find one with a quality subwoofer, the device that delivers the deep bass. This will really give your gaming session a cinematic quality to it.

3. The Best Gaming Setups Start From the Ground Up

Once you have the system and the speakers, you need something to put them all on. This is where selecting a quality desk comes in, and you will need to consider a number of factors. The first of these is how it fits with your chair of choice, and if their height and shape are compatible.

The height of your desk should not be too high or low. The keyboard should sit level with the bend of your elbow if you pose your arm at a right angle.

Secondly, you need a desk that will hold all of your components, so size is very important. As well as a keyboard, tower, and monitor, you may have chosen to game with additional speakers or steering wheel add ons. All of these should be incorporated into your size considerations, particularly larger objects like the PS4 steering wheel add on.

4. Monitor the Situation

A specialist video game monitor will give priority to elements that standard monitors would not. Where it used to be the case that one monitor did everything, it is no longer that same story. resolutions and refresh rates all play a part.

While a crisp monitor is a great addition, it should not be your first priority. Unless you need a fast refresh rate for playing first-person shooters, it may not make much of a difference, to begin with.

Start with a large monitor that is within your budget, then upgrade at a later date. When you update, you could even use your older monitor as a second screen to watch a live stream while you play.

5. Take Control

The types of games you play will denote the type of controller you need to purchase. You may be the kind of person who needs a mouse and keyboard, or you may opt for joypads and steering wheels. The choice is yours, and the brand and design of the controller you decide upon is down to personal preference.

Many console controllers have PC compatible versions, so if you are making the switch to PC gaming and want the same functionality, try one of these. Be sure to make space for your controller in your overall set up, including the chair and desk.

6. Build a PC

Once the rest of your setup is complete, you can work on the part that makes it all run. Your choice is to either start with a pre-built gaming PC or set about building one yourself.

Building one yourself is cheaper, but is obviously hard work and needs some technical knowledge. There are online system builder tools that can help you and also give an idea of how much you can save. You also get to choose your parts, allowing for more customization options.

7. Set the Lighting 

For a real technical gaming experience, you may wish to consider smart lighting. Phillips and Nzxt are two companies that have created lighting and fans that synchronize with your gaming experience. Your home can become a visualizer that pulse and changes mood along with your gaming experience.

The Game Is On

Did you enjoy the hints and tips? Are you ready to build one of the best gaming setups the world has seen? With our advice, you should soon have the most comfortable, visual, and exciting setup, all done without breaking the bank.

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