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5 Hacks to Get Cheap Event Tickets

The average household spends $2,482 a year on entertainment. 

We love to attend gigs, watch sporting events, and go to the movies in our spare time. If you’re after cheap event tickets but aren’t sure how to get them, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five useful tips.

1. Buy From Resellers

Visiting a ticket reseller is a surefire way to get cheaper entry. Browse verified secondary sellers because they offer legitimate discount tickets along with a guarantee. But avoid potentially untrustworthy places like Craigslist or someone on the street because the ticket will either cost you a fortune or it’ll be fake.

If you’re unfamiliar with buying from a reseller, check out some FAQs.

2. Go to the Box Office 

If you’re after event ticket insurance, buy directly from the box office. Going to the box office is useful if tickets are sold out because venues often release last-minute tickets on the day of the event so show up a few hours early. Another bonus is they reduce service fees that come when you buy tickets online. 

Or go to a concert on a whim with an artist you’re unfamiliar with. Check ticket marketplace websites and apps to connect with resellers.

3. Sit Near the Back

Whether you’ve got discount movie tickets or you don’t have the budget, consider sitting nearer the back. Although you won’t get the best view, it’s far less expensive than watching from the first row. But luckily, many music venues have giant screens so you don’t miss out on the performance.

4. Visit a Different Town

Ticket prices vary depending on the location and the venue even if it’s on the artist’s same tour. A great way to find cheap tickets is to compare prices in different cities. You need not travel across the entire country but if you’re in New York, for instance, you could commit to a weekend trip to Boston and catch your favorite band.

Or, consider county fairs. All you pay is the entrance to the fair which is far more affordable than going to a proper gig.

5. Sit Alone 

When you’re browsing resale options, you’ll notice single tickets have better deals.

People mostly buy tickets in groups and have one friend who can’t make the event. Because it’s harder to persuade someone to go to a show alone, you can bargain for a better price.

That’s How to Find Cheap Event Tickets 

Now you know how to find cheap event tickets for your next gig.

Consider buying last minute tickets, heading to the box office, and sitting nearer the back. You should also the artist’s tour and see if other avenues are offering better deals on tickets. Regardless, don’t give up and you’ll find cheaper tickets. Good luck!

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