PS5 Review: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know

The new generation of console gaming is upon us.

All serious players should be seeking the latest iteration of the Playstation. It’s no great surprise that Sony has outdone themselves with the PlayStation 5.  

If you are thinking of upgrading to a new console, keep reading. This Sony PS5 review will examine everything you need to know about the specs of the new system. 

What’s Inside

Let’s talk about the technical specifications of the PS5 hardware. These are the guts of the system that promise to usher in a new era of gaming.

Storage/ Performance

The PS5 is outfitted with an 825 GB solid-state drive. Though this is a massive number, it’s slightly disappointing as even versions of the PS4 had a terabyte drive.

Beyond this, the PS5 maintains 16GB of RAM. This console has the capacity for 8K output. All games will have 4K resolution on a 120hz refresh rate. Though the memory is lacking, this is not a slow system by any means. 

New Tech

A unique feature on the PS5 is “Boost Mode.” This addition makes the internal hardware operate at peak efficiency. Boost will adjust the PS5’s CPU and GPU usage to optimize each game.

Considering the console has 99% backward compatibility, PS4 games will be running smoother than ever before. 

The Controller

This is one of the biggest changes to Sony’s previous tech. Aesthetically, Sony has evolved from its traditional jet black color scheme. The controller and console now sport a stark white and black motif.   

Though the new DualSense controller has the same familiar button layout, it also has a fleet of new haptic elements. 

The haptic sensors provide a deeper immersion into the gaming world. The DualSense will react differently depending on the environment and scenarios in the game. For example, the triggers can provide tension to emulate heavy lifting in-game. 

The Exclusive Games

I’ve mentioned the backward compatibility of the PS5, but what is new for the future of gaming?

Unfortunately, from the jump, there will only be a few Sony exclusives available. Notably, Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is the follow up to the 2018 slamdunk Spider-Man. This game should be a great platform to experience what the PS5 is capable of. 

Beyond this, Demon’s Souls is available. Though this is a remake and remaster, the engine of the PS5 will make this look like a brand new product. 

These are a few of the exclusive titles releasing with the launch of the system. If you are interested in these titles consider the PS5 Bundles. More groundbreaking games are due down the line, but these early titles should quench players’ thirst. 

Price and Release

Prepare yourself because the release is around the corner. The PS5 launches in all its glory on November 12th. The PS5 standard console will be $499. However, there is also a digital edition that does not have a disc drive for $399. 

If you are trying to get your hands on a PS5 for the holidays, you may want to consider preordering. The console is already selling out at alarming rates.  

Final Thoughts on the PS5 Review 

As the next-gen console race nears this fall, keep this PS5 review in mind when making your decision. Sony’s latest is a fast, high performance, technologically groundbreaking machine. Though the games at release are slim, we are sure the PS5 has some amazing exclusive titles planned down the line.  

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