What Are Brake Rotors and How Do They Work?: A Car Lover's Guide

What Are Brake Rotors and How Do They Work?: A Car Lover’s Guide

In this day and age, it is important to know how your car functions. When you need service you want to know what is being worked on or replaced, and you need to know why. Your brake system is an important part of your car.

Many of us have had to have our brake rotors replaced but that is the extent of what we know about them. What are brake rotors? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are circular discs that help to stop your car. This makes them an important part of the braking system. They attach to the axle of your car and are a contact for the brake pads.

How do brake rotors work? When you press the brakes there is friction that happens in the brake system. The brake rotors reduce heat from that friction.

They provide a type of support for the brake pads. The brake rotors are flat and have braking surfaces on each side.

Replacing Brake Rotors

Knowing how to replace brake rotors is important even if you do not plan to do it yourself. You should know how a mechanic will do this so that you know it gets done right.

The first thing to know is that your car has to be lifted to get to the brakes. A wrench will remove the caliper to get to the rotors. Now you can remove the pads and rotors.

If the rotors stick a mallet and screwdriver will help get them off. You want quality rotors to replace the old ones with. CCM brakes have many products to choose from.

Types of Brake Rotors

There are four types of rotors. Most cars have a blank and smooth type. There are slotted, drilled and rotors that have slots and drill holes in them.

You should check your car manual or current rotors to see which type your car has before replacing them yourself. The wrong rotors will not work so you must know which type you need if you plan to change the brake rotors.

Always use what is specific to your car. Using the wrong brake rotor could be dangerous.

The Importance of Brake Rotors

Knowing how the brake rotors work helps you understand how important they are. If you want your car to stop when you press the brakes you want your rotors to be in good shape.

If you hear a scrubbing sound when you press the brakes you should check the rotors. Most people find it easier to have a mechanic change the rotors if they are not equipped with a car lifting system at home. Most of us do not have this.

If you have ever questioned, “what are brake rotors?” Remember, they are the circular discs that provide friction for the pads and they help your car stop when you want it to. Brake rotors are an important part of your car’s brake system. Follow us for more tips!