Holiday Gift Giving: How to Make a Gift Basket

Holiday Gift Giving: How to Make a Gift Basket

Are you considering giving a gift basket this holiday season but don’t know where to start when it comes to making one? If this sounds like you we are here to help by giving you the ultimate guide on how to make a gift basket.

We will give you the top tips on how to make a gift basket that will wow your recipient and makes you the talk of the holiday exchange. To see what our tips are keep reading below.

First Consider Who You are Making the Basket for

The first step on how to make a gift basket is to think about who the basket is meant for. Are you giving it to a close family member or distant family member?

A friend that close to you or an acquaintance? Is this for a coworker or a boss?

Figuring out who you’re giving the gift basket will help to set the theme and tone of your gift. If you know the person very well you can add personal items and make it themed around what the person likes.

If you’re giving the basket to someone who isn’t close to you but is more of an acquaintance you can choose things that are generic and popular. If you don’t know the person the gift basked is intended for very well it wouldn’t hurt to ask around or even ask the person what their favorite things are so that you can make an amazing gift basket.

What Are Some Gift Basket Ideas?

Now that you know who you’re giving the gift basket to and your relation to them it’s time to think about what you’ll want your basket to consist of. Are you going to throw in some random snacks and candies or are you going to go with an overall theme?

Some ideas of themes can be the following:

  • Tech theme
  • Coffee lover
  • Movie lover
  • Tea lover
  • Girls night
  • Garden lover
  • Gamer lover
  • New mom
  • Baking lover
  • Wine lover
  • BBQ lover
  • Sports lover

These are just a few theme ideas but really the theme options for gift baskets are endless. You can select what the person is very enthusiastic about or you can select a theme that you think will amuse them.

If you’re looking not to do a theme but to just give them a basket with gifts consider the following:

  • Spa items
  • Baked goods
  • Crackers, meats, and cheeses
  • Art supplies
  • Crafting items

This proves that baskets don’t need a big theme to be a hit. You can include items that everyone loves or if you know someone has a hobby, include some items to support that particular hobby. If you’re having trouble finding supplies to go within the basket we recommend checking out

How Do I Decorate the Basket?

Overall the decoration of the basket will depend on what you’re including as the gifts. For example, if you’re gifting a new mom a basket for a girl then you will decorate with feminine colors. If you’re gifting a basket to a new mom that just had a boy then you will lean towards more masculine colors and so on.

To decorate a basket you will need the following supplies:

  • Basket of your choice
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon and bows
  • Basket grass

Now you can usually find basket making kits but most of the time they won’t be exactly what you want. That’s why selecting your own basket, or bin and ribbons are ideal because you can select the colors.

You can even buy a roll of ribbon to make your own bows to save money. This will also let you control the size of the ribbons and bows you decorate the basket with.

What Can You Put in the Bottom of Your Basket?

The bottom of the basket may be the hardest part when it comes to creating your own for gift giving. Don’t let this deter you in any way because with a few simple materials you can create a bottom for your basket that looks good and that will keep the gifts safe.

You can use things such as plastic bags to cushion and secure gifts. Newspapers can also be used as a nice cushion for the bottom of the basket. Even using a small box to elevate less fragile items is a great idea to get rid of the empty space.

You can use a combination of fillers and boxes to get the desired height for your basket. You can even have some products sit higher than others to make the basket look like it was professionally made.

Use the Following Tricks to Create a Stunning Basket

We are here to make creating a gift basket easy, but we also want your gift basket to look like it was created by a professional. The following tips will help make your basket a stunning gift that the recipient will love.

Use Different Colors

Using patches of different colors is an effective way to make your basket look trendy. You can do this by placing different colored filling at the bottom or even using different colored boxes.

Also, consider adding a few colors on the outside of your basket. After wrapping and tieing you can use a few ribbons at the top to make the basket really pop.

Use Your Theme to Your Advantage

If you’re going the route of a themed basket then you can use this to your advantage when it comes to decorations. For example, if you’re doing a movie lovers theme then you can cut out notable movies and paste them on the cellophane.

This can also be done for video games and even sport lover’s themes. If you’re giving to a baker try taping cookie cutters to the outside to make the basket really pop.

If you’re giving a book lovers basket then try decorating the outside with notable quotes from books. The possibilities are endless.

Color the Cellophane

Depending on what gift you’re giving covering it in clear cellophane may be drab and not appealing to the eye. For example, if you’re gifting a plant in your basket you may want to paint the cellophane green to match the plant. You can even paint the cellophane a seasonal color or add seasonal accents to make the basket a real eye-catcher.

You can even make what you paint on the cellophane humorous. If you’re gifting a plant paint money on the plastic and now you know how to make a money tree gift basket!

Do I Have to Wrap My Basket in Cellophane?

Cellophane is the go-to wrap for gift baskets but it doesn’t mean it’s the only wrap for your baskets. You can use items such as wrapping paper, newspaper, and even patchwork made from clothes.

What you wrap your basket in should go with the theme of what you’re gifting. Just like decorating your basket, what you can wrap it in is endless also.

Other Tips to Make a Perfect Basket

We have gone over what you should do to make a gift basket for any occasion. Now you know how to make a Christmas gift basket, but how can you take this to the next level?

If you’re gifting a plant don’t dish out a lot of money for an expensive vase or pot. Instead, shop around for cheap but nice looking bowls. You can use things such as colored containers or even thrift store containers to make the plants look amazing in the basket.

If you can’t find the paper grass anywhere but had your heart set on including it in your basket there is no need to fear. Go to the dollar store and buy a pack of tissue paper. Then use scissors to cut it into thin strips, making your own paper grass.

Lastly, if you’re making a few baskets and are going to include treats such as nuts and candy we recommend buying them in bulk. You’ll save money and then you can portion treats out for each basket.

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Now You Know How to Make a Gift Basket

We have given you an in-depth guide on how to make a gift basket. From tips that will save you money to decoration tips that will make your basket pop, you’re bound to have the best gift basket in the holiday swap. For more gift-giving tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.