The Heart of Music: Atlanta, Georgia––A Guide To Getting Your Music Career Started!

Atlanta prides itself on the rich cultural connections it has with various music genres. This city has given birth to some very famous names in the music industry. It is home to Grammy-winning artists of diverse genres like; Classical, R&B, hip hop, pop, rock, and metal!

There is so much creativity in this city—a dream destination for artists belonging to any genre, known for its boosting film and music industry. In 2009, New York Times named Atlanta “Hip Hop’s center of gravity,” which gives us an idea about how serious Atlanta is with their music. If you think you’ve “never heard” of anyone from there, then let me correct your information. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, I’m sure this rings a bell; it was a bop in 2019, spending nineteen whole weeks in the billboard top 100 charts and being at #1 for a very long time.

It was blasted in the clubs, getting used in videos of all sorts; smaller artists who hope to make it big someday were singing cover versions of it.

If you’re one of those talented individuals who feel like they have what it takes to hit the charts, Atlanta is calling you. Since Atlanta is famous for its rich music culture, you’ll find resources of all kinds needed to get you started in this city. Being a freshie at music is definitely tough because there are so many competitors with a passion for music nowadays.

How to stand out?

To stand out in this demanding field of music, it is very common knowledge that singing won’t be enough. You’ll need to know how to play an instrument or two. Usually, a singer must know at least how to play the guitar!

Luckily, Atlanta being the land of music has opportunities and teachers at every end of the road. No matter what your budget is! Do you want to be amongst people as talented as you? There are plenty of academies waiting to teach you.

However, if you’re shy about your skills and have a bit of doubt then private guitar lessons in Atlanta are also as easy to find as these big academies. If you find guitar lessons challenging then there are many other instruments, to begin with. However, a Piano and/or Guitar help you with acoustic music and song covers.

A singer and a guitarist? Sounds like a good combination to us. Atlanta is such a promising city and it gives proof of amazing talent in their town. I am sure you’re familiar with at least one of the following artists:

  1. Usher
  2. Migos
  3. Young thug
  4. Lil Nas X
  5. B.O.B
  6. Ludacris

Almost all of them have been on the music charts at least once in their music career. To convince you even more that Atlanta is bursting with talent and ideas, hip hop artists like Lil Nas X and Young Thug have introduced crossovers with country music, their singles “Old town road” and “Family don’t matter” is a prime example of anything is possible if you’re skilled enough.

However, we understand that academics and music school isn’t for everyone. It is a well-known fact that some individuals learn better with one on one class. Private learning has its advantages. You get to be the focus of your teacher and you can work at your own pace. So, those private guitar lessons in Atlanta don’t sound that bad, they’re perfect for anyone looking to juggle the musician life with other commitments.

With all this jotted down, it is also crucial that you showcase your talent but where should you go if you’re looking to do that? Atlanta, of course! When you think all that private guitar and singing lessons have prepped you enough to face an audience, it’s time you head to Magic City.

It is a huge attraction of this city, being a gentlemen’s club, it has helped launch careers of hip hop artists like Future and Migos and has hosted performances by young thug and 2 Chainz.

This premier gentlemen’s club is, however, worked and dominated by the strippers. Since the strippers are in control of the room, they have a huge impact on the audience. If a certain rap artist’s song gets them showered in $1000 bills then they will ask for that song to get played again and again. The owner of Magic city, Magic terms it as, “The power of booty”. The people in the audience will naturally associate that specific song with a “good time”, that is the human psyche.

“Music occupies regions of the brain Connected to Motor Actions, Emotions, and Creativity” (Christopher). This is how the song will become a hit in the club and on the streets.

GQ even did a whole article called Magic City’s Greatest Hits: An Atlanta Strip Club Playlist, in 2015. Imagine your song landing a spot here! Atlanta is your golden ticket to success. Magic city is very famous, Famous enough to get Drake to allegedly deliver an armored truck with $100,000 cash inside it for the very famous hip hop artist, future’s thirty-fifth birthday. For his birthday at the magic city, which got refashioned as “future city”, many huge names like Lil Yachty, Jacquees and drake came to the party.

All you need is good vocal skills, the ability to play instruments, and pure talent to land an opportunity for your talent to shine at this club.

We hope this in-depth article helps you get started in your music career. If you skipped to the end, hoping to find a summary, don’t worry, we have you covered!

Bottom Line:

Atlanta will help talented individuals flourish; it will nurture you like you’re a baby. There are huge names in the music charts today who belong to the city of Atlanta. You need to practice and learn how to play at least a guitar to be a bit different than other fellow amateur singers. For that, you can either join an academy or get private guitar lessons in Atlanta; the city of hip hop, R&B, and so much more!